Caption Contest #114 Results

Ok guys, last week I asked you all to come up with the best possible caption you could for this picture:

And your top 5 are:

Treasure Hunter: When your passengers learn that the booze cruise was a rouse…

Rekulhs Nathe: The Tenth Annual Screaming Contest will now commence.

Lady Amaranth: Is this a bad time to mention that I left the oven on?

MurrImAButterfly: Luffy clearly refused to partake in the “largest mouth” contest.

Calvary Red: Yet, somehow, he’s the captain.

But there can only be one (piece) winner and this week that win goes to...

Lady Amaranth


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5 Responses to Caption Contest #114 Results

  1. good stuff, guys

  2. Rekulhs Nathe Rekulhs Nathe

    Well Done Well Done everyone

  3. Avatar Treasure Hunter

    Hats off to you, Lady Amaranth!

  4. Lady Amaranth Lady Amaranth

    😀 Thanks.

  5. Nicely done.