Caption Contest #112 Results

Ok, sorry this one is a tiny bit later than usual, I've been very busy at the moment and it kinda slipped my mind. Anyway, I asked you guys to come up with the best caption you possibly could for this still:

And here are your top 5:

The Atomic Punk: Heeeeyyyy... Macarena!

Calvary Red: It's fun to stay at the YMCA

Treasure Hunter: You always get strange looks when your ghost-type pokemon faints and you have to carry it to the Poke-Center.

Herr D: We won the caption contest!

Calvary Red: And Kiawe said Pikapoot wasn't a real Z-Move

But there can only be one winner, and that winner is....

Herr D


Sorry, only kidding, it's actually Treasure Hunter


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2 Responses to Caption Contest #112 Results

  1. Avatar Treasure Hunter

    Hat tip to you, JR! This totally made my morning.

  2. Congrats, man. Good stuff guys.

    Of course, four arms in the air really is how I look when I win one . . . [sigh.]