Character Design Challenges – The Next Little While.

The CDC scheduled for August 14 to 20 will be the last CDC I can oversee for a few weeks due to my health.

I am being admitted to hospital the week of August 21 for Deep Brain Stimulation  surgery as treatment for Parkinson’s disease. Basically this consists of inserting electronic leads directly into the brain, and connecting the other end to a pacemaker inserted under the collar bone. The pacemaker will send an impulse to the brain which mimics the effects of dopamine, which assists in decreasing the tremors common to Parkinson’s.

Essentially I will be one step closer to being a Borg!

I will be in hospital for a couple of weeks, and will then complete my convalescence at home; a process that could take until November..

I’m hoping that one of the current mods may be willing to step in and take over the CDCs for the next couple of months…or until I feel able to return..

Thanks so much,

David J.