Character Design Challenge #326 – RPG Character Classes: Round 5 – Rangers – Results

Runner up this week goes to Cliff: amazing pose; great attention to detail; stunning work on the face.

And this week's win goes to...

Lady Amaranth

The figure is elegant with just enough detail to give it life. Masking is excellent! Treatment of the background is some of the best I have ever seen. Well done you!

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the big finale  of the RPG series!

4 Responses to Character Design Challenge #326 – RPG Character Classes: Round 5 – Rangers – Results

  1. Lady Amaranth says:

    Woo! Thanks for the win. I kind of wish I had joined in these contests a bit sooner now. RPG characters are basically all that I create. At least I caught my favorite class.

    Congrats to all entries! Hope to see you all in the next one!

  2. cliff says:

    Thanks djuby, After seeing Lady Amaranth’s Elsapeth the Forest Mother. I knew I wouldn’t win this time

    Good Work Everyone.
    Not many entries, but I liked them all.

    Sherwood. good clean British design, nice pose, I really like her back story too. I can easiky see her as a super hero.

    Elgeiros the Elven Ranger. Good work very solid concept, great pose, nicely accecorized. I can see ‘Eagle” running around with Rowan the Satyr and Elsapeth the Forest Mother,

    Jinn the sniper, looks very kewl, and deadly. She is a nice and clean design.

    @Lady Amaranth
    DANG GIRL!!! I would have been surprised if you hadn’t won.
    Love the names Elsapeth the Forest Mother and Wispenglow
    and she is goregeous. My wife said she would like to have a painting of it on our wall.
    I think it would be kewl to see Elsapeth, “Eagle” and Rowan adventure together.

  3. Herr D says:

    Very nice work, guys. Congrats, Amaranth.

    I wonder sometimes, that I’ve never wanted to play a ranger type. Real life prevented me exploring options for this contest . . .

  4. The Atomic Punk says:

    Great character, Lady Amaranth!

    This is also where one of my “tablemates” would argue: “There are no female centaurs” “She’s not a centaur.” “Female deer don’t have antlers.” “She’s a fantasy character, chillax… and, yes, reindeer and caribou does have antlers.” (Always had to get that last rub in there.)