Thor Ragnarok Drops a Trailer!

What a way to start a Monday!

Just super quick thoughts because we're actually heading out of town right away so I don't have time for the usual dissection. You can definitely see there's a change of tone here, although there's certainly some darker parts. Loving the music choice, personally, and the throwback-style font that's all Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon-y. There's some humor, some really epic stuff, and some really dark stuff all thrown together. And Jeff Goldblum! Who else is loving that, because I sure am! I'm one of the few who really like the Thor movies, so I am ready to see where this goes.

4 Responses to Thor Ragnarok Drops a Trailer!

  1. Avatar The Atomic Punk

    Looks like Marvel is steering Thor more into The Guardians of the Galaxy. Which means… Infinity Gauntlet!

    This one looks far more interesting than The Dark World. Which was a mixed bag but overall enjoyable.

  2. Wow.

    I had zero interest in this movie.

    But hela looks great, the movie seems both epic and funny… Consider me interested! πŸ™‚


  3. “I know him. He’s a friend from work.”

    PURE genius!!!

  4. Ok, that was seriously cool. I like the music, the costume designs and Thor’s dialogue at the end. I’d rate it 100/10.