Epic Trailer Dump!

Wow, what a last couple of days we’ve had for upcoming movies! I’ve got FOUR new trailers to talk about, one of which has two versions! So let’s dive right in!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (Teaser)

First up is the Guardians of the Galaxy, back for their second outing. This was a teaser trailer, so shorter than the others we’ve got to look at here. There’s not too much to talk about, it’s a quick teaser, mostly shots of the characters and a quick scene between Star Lord and Drax. It looks like it will be similar in tone and style to the first, which is great, but there’s nothing really to go on at this point. Rocket and Yondu are seen walking together, but there’s no context for anything we see, so the significance of that will have to be discovered later. Overall, looks good but not much to go on at this point.



Logan (Green- and Red-Band Trailers)

 Red-Band Trailer HERE

We’d started to hear things about the third Wolverine movie: it was Hugh Jackman’s last time in the claws, it was taking elements from the Old Man Logan storyline, it’s R-rated, we were possibly getting X-23, etc. Now we have two versions of a trailer. So first off, love the use of Johnny Cash’s version of Hurt in this. It really serves to drive home the somberness of the whole thing, give the more action-y parts heft. It’s very much toned down and bleak compared to the big, bombastic trailers for X-Men Apocalypse (which I did enjoy, for the record) and it seems like that’s the direction they’re going here. There’s only one major difference between the two versions, and it’s quite noticeable when you see it. Otherwise they are pretty much the same very good first trailer.



Assassin’s Creed (Trailer #2)

Full disclosure- I don’t play the Assassin’s Creed games. As a history lover I got really excited by the prospect of the first game due to the setting and characters and lucked out into giving it a shot not long after release. And… was disappointed by having to deal with the stuff in the present and never really got back into it. So I’m not going into this as a fan of the games. But, I do like the trailer. I’ve been tangentially interested in it for a while now, if only because of Michael Fassbender’s involvement. But I’m feeling the action, feeling the look, feeling the feel of it. I know there’s a lot changed from the games (I don’t remember the Animus looking like GLaDOS plugging you into The Matrix) but I’m down to see the final product despite the discrepancies. I was a little meh on the song they used in the trailer, but that’s just me. I’m going to see it, and I can only hope there will be less complaining about it than there was for Warcraft, which I also enjoyed. This looks like, at the bare minimum, a lot of fun.



Arrival (Final Trailer)

Okay, I know what you’re thinking, two comic movies, and video game movie, and this? Yup, I’m totally serious. While watching the first trailer a couple of months ago I got this absolute déjà vu, all I could think of was one of the stories in a short stories anthology I’d bought at a secondhand bookstore. Turns out, this film is adapted from Ted Chiang’s Story of Your Life! I freaking loved the stories in that book, and to see one on screen? So excited (I may have been rereading it this afternoon between coats of paint). I don’t know exactly how it will be translated from page to screen, just based on how it’s written, but I really want to see this. I hope they don’t make it too action-y and really let that fantastic story shine through.

So there it is, four shiny new trailers to feast our eyes upon! It’s not every day you get this many goodies all at once. So I hope you all enjoy and we’ll see you next time when we once again talk about the newest of the nerdy news or an issue needing attention. As always, let me know what you thought in the comments below!






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