Character Design Challenge #186 – Elemental – Results

Honourable mentions: Cliff for London Fog and JR19759 for Grawp.



And this week's winner is hawk007's Burning Veins. Really beautiful use of colour and  contrast. Well done you!


7 Responses to Character Design Challenge #186 – Elemental – Results

  1. Called it. Congrats Hawk, you set the bar too high for the rest of us from the off.

  2. Thank you Hawk! I WAS cold this morning. Not anymore.

  3. Not the least surprised by the results. “)
    Congrats Hawk!
    And JR.
    AND Yea! London Fog got a HM!
    Vague happy fog dance (((_._)))

  4. Avatar The Atomic Punk

    Congrats, hawk. The zypping is incredible. You just made it past the bats, salamanders, and troglodytes that had overrun the dwarves’ mine. You reach the end of the tunnel. A sudden flash of fire! It’s boss-level Burning Vein.

    Great entries from all, of course.

    @Xinmodic: Wave Monster looks like a character that might appear in a “slapstick” anime. Using “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” as the creature’s mouth is as inspired as it is hilarious.

  5. Thanks Atomic

  6. Thanks! I though mine was good (not gonna lie) but ibwasn’t sure I was gonna win. With these things I usually go over my head and make a cool idea look kinda bad. But thanks!

  7. MurrImAButterfly MurrImAButterfly

    Completely surprised by the results there! (Complete sarcasm for those who are curious 😜)
    Hawk, Burning Vein is not only an awesome name, but mother-of-all-things-holy–that shading is god-tier. It’s so soft and realistic, I almost worry Burning Vein is going to jump out from (slash melt a hole through) my computer screen.