Still looking for new blog authors

Hey guys JR here again.

So, last Monday I asked for volunteers to help write stuff for the blog. Of course, I haven't learnt my lesson from last time I tried to get the community involved in doing stuff for the blog, because I've only had one person get back to me.

It's not like I'm asking much, just one post a week on anything geeky you want. You don't have to put a huge amount of time into it if that's a big worry. Out of my numerous blog posts, I've never spent over an hour on a post. One hour a week to help keep the blog going and full of interesting content, is that too much to ask?

I'm going to give you guys another week (so until the 23rd) to come up with ideas and get them to me at but if I don't get 3 good ideas by then the whole idea is getting scrapped and you're just getting whatever the current blog authors feel like doing when they feel like doing it (which at the moment is two contests and one list each week) because obviously no-one else can be bothered to put the effort in, so why should we put any more effort in? We're not getting paid to do this people, we're just doing it out of love for the community and wanting to keep it going.

Oh and cheers to Herr D for being the one person to step up.

And with that JR out.

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7 Responses to Still looking for new blog authors

  1. djuby says:

    I’ll resurrect and throw in a costume blog now and then.

  2. Linea24 says:

    I’ll go ahead and do some anime talks and reviews, as well as do Open Critique Day again. Can’t really guarantee that I can post anything in the next week, though–my laptop’s battery is almost dead and the replacement charge cord is going to get here within the next week at the latest.

  3. hawk007 says:

    Sorry. I want to help, but since I’m starting school I’m super busy right now. Plus, I’m not really a super nerdg person. I mean, I like comics and movies and video games and stuff, but I’m not really that smart when it comes that that

  4. Herr D says:

    @hawk007: I happen to love double credit. If you’re in school for sociology, try to get credit for polling geek stuff to observe soc trends. If you’re in school for physics, try to get credit for figuring out some bad news for comic book physics continuity. Then submit your results here, as well. If you’re worried about style, myself or others might be able to jazz it up. That’s the key for busy students, man–double credit.

  5. The Atomic Punk says:

    @Herr D: Brilliant!

    As for the blog, I’m not quite there yet. I can’t think of a regular feature for discussion. Probably could lend a random topic now and then. Like a few HMers, I’ve been sidelined with health issues. For which, I give mad props to Kaldath and Cliff and their contributions. Hoping to return to regular status by the end of the year.

  6. Lull-carae says:

    Not like i can have any good ideas, but okay, fine, whatever.

  7. Herr D says:

    @Lull: I . . . disagree. I’ve seen your work.