Quick update on me !

Kaldath here,  I figure I just let you all know I'm still in the hospital there's a hold up due to special equipment I need before I can be discharged that my insurance doesn't cover I am hopeful however that I will be discharged within the next couple days and then I have about five weeks of rehab  and wound care on the surgically wounds of my foot.

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3 Responses to Quick update on me !

  1. Lime says:

    Thanks for letting us know how you’re doing! Hope it’s all sorted out with minimal insurance nonsense.

  2. Herr D says:

    Tell all your gamer friends you can provide them real life numbers they can compare kaltrope damage to. Should be good for a few sodas and brownies while you wait for the bean counters.

    & get back here!

  3. GuyGenesis says:

    Thankful to hear your doing better