Kaldath’s Corner: Duane Metal – Learning Japanese With Babymetal

Last week I was laid up in bed with both a very bad cold and some physical injuries which left me very bored! Of course when bored like that I did what I normal do and turned to the internet for entertainment and I stumbled upon a youtube channel that intrigued me. You See I am a huge fan of the Japanese Kawaii Metal group Babymetal, and I also have a desire to learn the Japanese language and this Channel hit on both those desires within me. The Channel name is Duane Metal and he breaks down the lyrics of Babymetal songs in order to teach your the Japanese Language.



Now This channel is not going to teach your fluent Japanese but it is certainly a fun way to get your feet wet and it also helped me understand the lyrics to my favorite Groups songs better! A win, win in my book. So if you are interested in learning Japanese, like Babymetal or both I suggest you give this guy a shot!


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