Character Design Contest ♯117 (Inspired By Music) Poll

Songs that inspired these pieces (listen to whilst viewing art please)

Cliff- Satyr Song

Hawk007- Heart Of Courage

Hexadecimal- Saw theme

Malfar-Злодей и шапка

Thundersong- The Moon Represents My Heart

Mod Note: Ok, so before anyone says anything in the comments, I chose these entries for the poll on how well I felt the represented the song they had chosen and only on that criteria. You might disagree, but that's just how things go sometimes. So please, listen to the songs before you vote, because something being on the poll that didn't make sense before may do after listening to the songs.

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5 Responses to Character Design Contest ♯117 (Inspired By Music) Poll

  1. Brenda says:

    Man I love that Satyr living room but Cliff is right, I bet the fan is the winner. It is so good I’d like to see someone actually use it to market some of those cloth and bamboo fans!

  2. The Atomic Punk says:

    I really enjoy the “Inspired by Music” challenges. You can tell a lot about people by their playlists. For older Heromachiners, “playlists” are digital versions of music catalogs (CDs, tapes, vinyl records… memories…). These challenges introduce me to a lot of new artists and styles (both in music and Heromachine).

    As always, good stuff.

    @hawk007: Your design for Two Steps From Hell’s “Heart of Courage” is simple and effective. The shading and highlights match the mood. The image of a limp figure being lifted flows with the rising tempo of the song is powerful.

    @Cliff: I love the imagery that you chose for Pleasurekraft’s “Satyr Song.” Reminds me of many a downtown loft after hours party.

    @Outcast: I like Kirby Krackle’s “The Days My Powers Arrived.” Really cool song for any comic book fan. Since the challenge is about design inspiration, I think that your interpretation was a little too literal. However, I’m not familiar with your skill level with Heromachine or what constraints you were under, so I’m commenting only on just what I see.

    @PMD_Warrior: Apologies for being lazy, but same as my critique of Outcast’s entry. I had totally forgotten about that Silverchair song!

    @MaDPac: I could see that background flashing behind the guitarist during his solo. While yours is literal, the design works.

    @iscarioto: I saw so much in your design. Most notably the influence of Weilyn. Your design matched the story. The song reminded me of Wolfsheim’s “Once in a Lifetime.” Well, it’s practically the same story told a different way. I chalk that up to common themes and folklore. One of my favorite designs for this challenge.

    @Keric: Remember when you would bring records to school and play them for the class? And your teacher was upset because “Centerfold” was an inappropriate song? So do I. 🙂

    @Thundersong: What Cliff said. Just absolutely gorgeous. Your design trascends the challenge. Just to bring it down a little, did anyone else notice that in the original video, she’s singing in Mandarin with Cantonese subtitles? A lot of Chinese programming is like that. There… no, still incredibly amazing!

    @Malfar: You presented the underlying challenge of this challenge – the language barrier. Thank you for providing the brief explanations of the songs. For the designs themselves, they were rather “straight up and down.” I am familiar with your skill level at Heromachine. I can’t help but wonder whether you tried to “interpret your characters into English” and that affected your choices. I will definitely check out more Korol i Shut!

    @TimeAgain, wyldwarrior, heavynieto, melmo44: Aren’t you the guys who used to play Warhammer in the back room of the comic shop? 😉 The characters match the songs quite well. All are great representations of the head banging “fantasy metal” fans that made D&D famous (and infamous to your parents and Sunday school teachers).

    @melmo44: Your design for “The Lion From the North” by Sabaton is my pick in this “fantasy metal” sub-category. The character is dressed in “period piece.” That epic sword and horse armor. Excellent choices. The lion and eagle background just pops. It has an album cover quality to it.

    @Hexadecimal: I have never seen any of the “Saw” movies. However, the song is creepy and so is your interpretation!

    @dreadyacht: The character is solid. I really like the torso and arms. The song is groovy. I just don’t think that they match. Maybe he’s a video game protagonist and that’s the theme song?

    @Vectorman316: Now this is a video game song with a video game sequence. The characters are cool with popping color schemes. The zypping is fantastic. Well done.

    @Vadnik: Excellent design for Sufjan Stevens’ “The Transfiguration.” I see this as a tribute to that moment when you discovered bands such as Lamb of God and Marilyn Manson. The music is lifting your spirit higher. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    Good luck, everyone!

  3. Malfar says:

    @The Atomic Punk

    Straight up and down – that’s right, but I’m afraid that was the top of my skill back when I made them, and it was year 2010, and I mentioned it when I posted them. I’m surprised they got noticed at all. I like the feedback though 🙂

  4. melmo44 says:

    Came to check the poll and found an awesome comment from The Atomic Punk! Thank you so much! And yes, had I a comic shop in close vicinity, I probably would have been one of the ones playing Warhammer (or something like it) with some kind of fantasy/power metal on in the background. 🙂

  5. Thundersong says:


    Thank you for putting my entry into the poll it is humbling, when I saw the other entries. Thanks also for the votes! I don’t enter the contests very often, most times I’m just playing around with different characters…especially after looking at the entries. lol. I do want to thank also, Jeff for creating Heromachine for without it, none of our awesome entries and imaginations would come to life (unless one can also draw, which I can’t) and also for Teresa Teng (she is no longer with us) for singing an inspiring and beautiful song. Thank you again, it is a humbling experience always to be put into the polls for voting!

    3LF Thundersong