Kaldath’s Caption Contest #60

It is again time for our weekly caption contest and this week I want your best dialogue for both word bubbles in this image:

Drama 1


The normal rules apply, which are: You are limited to Three (3) entries which are due by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Tuesday January 27th. Of course I as always expect you to keep your entries no worse then PG-13 in nature and that you follow all the normal rules of the forum when writing your caption for the above image. That being said I wish you all Good luck!



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9 Responses to Kaldath’s Caption Contest #60

  1. Avatar WillyPete says:

    Young Lady: “And then… THEN… She called me… A Drama Queen! Can you imagine?”
    Thought Balloon: “Don’t really have to…”

  2. Skoul Skoul says:

    Girl: And then I pretended that I was distressed to the police….
    Thought bubble: She…she…killed him!?!

  3. Avatar Herr D says:

    1. Them: Maybe it’s not worth hiding the heat bombs– Her: I may have to take off another layer! There’s one!
    2. Them: aooooooo–aspirins? Her: Hot! Three more whiskeys please?
    3. Them: –hands stuck!– Her: Maybe THEY have some solvent.

  4. Skoul Skoul says:

    Girl: And I was like “Anime? I don’t watch cartoons!”…..
    Thought bubble: Cartoons!?!

  5. Sabrina Sabrina says:

    Girl: I’m sorry, I just don’t really understand why there’s such a fuss about football.
    Bubble: WHA-???

    Girl: I just LOVE art mueseums, don’t you? I wish all the world was a painting!
    Bubble: Quick, impress her! Be cultured! Be a painting! THE SCREAM!

  6. Avatar Jawsabi says:

    Girl: I need a dashing hero to sweep me of my feet! (and do my algebra)
    Them: I would take you in my arms, you amazing dame of the highest bla bla bla romantic fantasies crap

  7. Linea24 Linea24 says:

    Girl: Oh my goodness, I cannot seem to find my tutu at all!
    Them: OH NO! SHE’S ONTO US!!!

  8. Avatar Trey says:

    Her: he died AND stained my shoes with blood?
    them: you cant wash that kind of thing out!

  9. Avatar redligerwing59 says:

    Thought Bubble: Is it true?,Is it true?
    Girl:YES!!! for SHAME,for SHAME!. My IDOL,My HERO has done the UNBELIEVABLE
    she has shown it to the world.HOW could she? Why would she do it ?. TO show your Bellybutton and its not even pierced.