Creators Club 2015 Volunteers?

I just thought I'd throw this one out there, just so everyone is prepared. When January comes around, I'll be looking to get another Creators Club poster organised.

For those of you who aren't in the know, the Creators Club poster is a community project where one of the members of the community (previously myself, Atomic Punk and Hammerknight) have come up with a theme for everyone to follow (Men In Black, Chibi's and Westerns), and then people create a self-portrait of themselves fitting to that theme. All of the self-portraits are then sent to the organiser, who then puts them all together in one big poster that showcases the community that year. It's not a challenge, it's just a bit of fun, you don't have to be a Power User to participate, you just have to use the site and follow the submission rules for the poster.

Now why am I telling you this when it obviously isn't January yet? Well, as I said, each of the previous Creators Club posters (apart from the 1st and 2nd ones, which were both done by HK) have been done by different people, and I was hoping we could continue that trend. So, if you want to volunteer to come up with a theme and put the poster together, this would be the place to do it. You will have to have people email you their entries, rather than having them posted on the blog, because the final product is meant to be a surprise for everyone else involved, so it would be better if people couldn't see what everyone else has done until the poster is ready to be shown. You wouldn't have to put the whole poster together in Heromachine, you can use photoshop or paint or similar to do that, but obviously all of the entries will be 100% Heromachine.

If no-one is interested in doing it, then I do have a few ideas myself that can work, so we can have a poster, but it would be more fitting for a community project to be organised by a community member, rather than one of the mods (again). If you're interested, comment below saying you're interested and send me an email at saying what your theme idea is. I won't be deciding on which person and theme to go with until the new year, so you have time to think of a totally awesome theme.

Anyway, hope you guys have some awesome ideas for me.

JR out.


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13 Responses to Creators Club 2015 Volunteers?

  1. Avatar Nug says:

    I’d love to participate JR. Not sure how to pull off a poster of peoples “selfies”. Would we have to load each character into HM, or could we use a paint program to cut and paste?

  2. Stulte Stulte says:

    I haven’t really been around the forums or the blog a whole lot lately, but I might take a stab at this.

    Do you have links to the previous posters?

  3. JR19759 JR19759 says:

    @Nug- You can use a paint program to cut and paste, sorry, that wasn’t clear in the post was it (sneak edit time).
    @Stulte- 2014:
    No idea what happened with 2012, there wasn’t one for what ever reason, and I can never find the 2010 one.

  4. Avatar Worf says:

    I have an idea that would be interesting. Once we/the organizer choose a theme, have each of the interested participating parties make his character in that theme, but with no background. Also on export they would choose the “PNG Transparent” format. Then, whomever would be organizing it can put all the pictures together with whatever customized and “integrating” background he/she wants…..

    As a suggestion, we could use Sci-Fi as a theme….. (also I possibly could be persuaded to do it) 😉

  5. JR19759 JR19759 says:

    @Worf- The full entry rules will be sorted out between me and the organiser closer to the time, but yeah, PNG transparent export would be the most sensible (as well as sending the entry as a text file as back-up). If you would care to elaborate on your sci-fi idea in an email as I say in the post I will definitely consider it.

  6. Mad Jack Mad Jack says:

    I’d love to do that – an e-mail with my idea is already on it’s way. I think I did mention sometime before that I’m experienced with photopshop and the like (being a web- and mediadesigner), didn’t I? Maybe that will win you over… 😉

  7. Avatar keric says:

    The easiest theme to come up with would be Mechanical me(yourself as a mechanic), Mecha me (you robotized), or hero up, BUT, I have to leave the heavy work to others, as I am a late tech adopter.(I usually don’t know how to do it until someone has asked what the —L you doing?)

  8. Avatar DiveTheWolf says:

    I volunteer as tribu- *ahem*
    I’m going to try to be around the community a bit more, since I knocked out some of my schoolin’. So this seems like it will be fun. I’ll be emailing some ideas soon.
    I wish I was around for the other two . The results were amazing. 🙂

  9. Anarchangel Anarchangel says:

    I missed the last creators club so it would be fun to be a part of this one. I won’t pretend to have the technical know-how to actually make the poster though.

  10. Skoul Skoul says:

    Ooh! Can’t wait to see the theme!

  11. Avatar TOOL says:

    I wouldnt mind doing something like this again, so what is going to be the theme this year? Golden age superhero costume, casual friday clothes, ugly christmas sweater, or cyborgs? What are we thinking?

  12. Avatar Folkly says:

    The links to the 2011 poster aren’t working for me, they all just go to “Page not found” messages.

    I’ve only just rediscovered this website after a long while away, but I might have a go at this!

  13. JR19759 JR19759 says:

    @Folkly- I think what’s happened there is, the 2011 posters were hosted on the UGO forums, that’s where they were originally posted. Now that the UGO forums are gone, the server can’t find the host for the images. Nothing I can do about that unfortunately, Jeff would have to go back and edit the post to include links to a new place where the poster is hosted, but there’s not really much point in that now, considering the posters are 3 years old.