Don’t Ask



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7 Responses to Don’t Ask

  1. Yah–because nobody will stop staring at your giant blue mutant squirrel long enough to kill it with an anti-tank weapon. You’ll be able to control them as long as they keep mindlessly nodding along.

  2. You don’t get it, Herr D. That ‘squirrel’ is (I think) supposed to be a Djinni, and the yokel riding on top is none other than Doctor Doom! {I know, hard to tell unless you blow the picture up…}
    And, Doom is LAUGHING! Not sure who did this, but they really needed to lay off the psychoactive pharmaceuticals before doing their comics…

  3. A product of the effects of psychotrophic drugs

  4. I was more wondering about the thing he’s holding. That’s why I said Don’t Ask, because it looks dirty. Or is that just me?

  5. I’m just guessing, but it’s probably that magic horn that Namor used to summon giant sea monsters to fight the Fantastic Four back in the day. Also, I’m glad to see random panel entries again. Always one of my favorite things here.

  6. I’ll raise my voice again in support of the random panel. Keep them coming.

  7. Could be, but I don’t think Doom would be so impressed by one of Namor’s hand-me-downs… Looks more like a kind of flower, to me… Still don’t know what they were on, when they produced this, AND let it into print! Did they even HAVE Assistant Editor’s Month, back then? 😉