Bit of Server Tweaking.


We just did a bit of server tweaking to address some of the slowdowns people have been experiencing lately. If you run into any issues, please comment on this post.


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  1. When I tried to get onto the site using Safari I just got a message saying 400 Bad Request. However, I tried again on Firefox and it worked. Not a major problem, but a bit inconvenient.

  2. Give it a shot on Safari now, and let us know how it works out.

  3. Works now. Cheers

  4. I’m frequently getting the message “502 Bad Gateway” for several weeks now while surfing through the forum. It’s quite annoying as my browser (Firefox) searches very long for the target page before this message appears. When it finally is there, you can (most of the time) simply refresh and it works again. But it also happens often that the error occurs repeatedly in succession. I don’t know how it is with other browsers, since I only use Firefox for internet surfing and don’t want to use any other browser for that.

  5. @MadJack- I’ve already reported this to Jeff and I’d assume that’s what the server tweak was trying to fix so hopefully that shouldn’t be a problem now.

  6. I’m using Chrome, and have had the same Gateway error (time out) that Mad Jack has had. I hope the tweak will fix things for both, but since I saw it mentioned, I thought I’d chime in…

  7. And, just tried it again, and the problem remains for Chrome… {Sigh!}

  8. We’re working on a permanent fix for this problem. Is it happening every time you hit the forums, or only sometimes?

  9. As one of the forum Moderators, I go on the forum several times a day, and It doesn’t happen every time, however it does seem to happen about 50% of the time and some days more often.

  10. Thanks, Kaldath. Does it seem worse, better, or the same today?

  11. I work overnights and sleep during the day, so I haven’t been on much yet today, however it seems to be better thus far. I will keep you updated

  12. I’ve been having the same problem as MadJack and WillyPete on Chrome lately but I’ve just been browsing the forums to test the updates and I didn’t experience any kind of errors.

  13. I have logged into the forums about 6 times so far today and only have one 502 bad gateway error.

  14. To me it happens at least once every time I`m surfing the forums and sometimes several times in one session. The last time I experienced it was about 13 hours ago…

  15. If I use the direct link on my desktop to the forums it loads really quickly, using the link on the mainpage results in timing out, bad gateway, or very long wait times as often as not.

  16. I’m with madjack… I get the 504 gateway timeout message after a couple minutes of waiting for the page to load several times a day. Saved pages, or manually typing in the address… it doesn’t matter. Sometimes it works and loads within the couple of seconds like its supposed to and sometimes it takes about a minute and then loads. Most of the time if the page takes more than 5 seconds its gonna give me the gateway timeout error. Also like madjack this has been happening for weeks. Image uploads are also slowed, and when saving new post sometimes it will give me the timeout, but if i refresh the post went through anyways. Today it seems to be working ok just really slow at loading everything.

  17. … also I keep getting unsubscribed from all of the post I keep track of. Whats that about?

  18. Am I the only one who has to sign in every time I visit the site? It seems the “remember me” tab…well…doesn’t. This is the only site I have this problem with.

  19. Don’t worry – your’re not the only one. Well, okay, it’s not every day for me, but at at least every couple days.

    Another bug not mentioned here: Some users seems to have started fresh with their postings – if you believe their post counts. I can’t say it happened to me since I hadn’t much to say lately, but I thought it might be worth mentioning while we’re at it. 😉

  20. I know this isn’t a server problem, but I’d like to also report two bugs with the HeroMachine Full Width Original Layout:

    1.) When I load a preexisting character with the full body male/standard (1st item) I always get the old body with feets on it (see image: I have to work around it every time by first loading the body item on a blank canvass and then load my character. This way it works fine but it’s getting annoying over time… 😉

    2.) I can’t enter a color hexcode (Hex Value at Manual Color Entry) in the custom color area. The field simply doesn’t take anything of what I’m my typing in it. 🙁

  21. FYI: Got the 502 Bat Gateway again just now after waiting 2 minutes for the page to load (which obviously didn’t happen). Looks like it isn`t fixed yet…