Character Design Contest ♯77 (Villains) Winner

You know how last weeks poll was really close? Well this one wasn't. The winner won by a clear 20 votes. And you know the best thing, he actually said that he was sure AMS was going to win. Dude, have some confidence ;). Anyway, this weeks winner was Anarchangel for Nightstalker & Entropy. Congrats dude, you probably know the drill by now, go talk to dblade etc. and well done to everyone who entered.

77 Anarchangel-Nightstalker & Entropy


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4 Responses to Character Design Contest ♯77 (Villains) Winner

  1. Congrats, man; double villains and a helping of transparent creepiness–is there a comic coming out?

  2. Fantastic job! Congrats!

  3. Excellent! Stop on by my Whiz Bang Item Dispenser thread and make your request. I’m back from vacation and will get back on the winning items.

  4. Anarchangel Anarchangel

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the votes.
    And I’m just always blown away by AMS designs that I just always assume he’ll win any contest he enters. 🙂