Pop Quiz Winner – Walk On The Wild Side

Ian Thomas Healy Vampyrist-Shrike supergrover  Snow Eagle=Worf SkybanditRedRaptor-vi SoulDoubt-Mariposa_zps515b6860Nug-The-Blue-Hedgehog livewyre-terrierpng_zps4912b21d HerrD-JellyfishAtTheGallery_zpsc8138728 dark_falcon_by_roguejak-d7las2h Blue-bird

Great work guys! So much creativity and imagination. In the past, Atomic Punk would give a critique of the entries. If you would like me to offer a critique in future Pop Quizzes let me know. I am totally willing to do so, but would prefer not to launch into it without polling the room. Anyway, after boiling this down to a top three, and thinking about it more than I thought I would have to, the winner is...


The Terrier by Livewyre

Please join me in congratulating Livewyre, and thanks to all who entered.

10 Responses to Pop Quiz Winner – Walk On The Wild Side

  1. Man, there was SO many good entries in this Pop Quiz, but I admit Livewyre, your’s blew me away, loved the concept, name, pose, costume and execution.
    I’d love to see him in a comic!
    Congrats! You deserved it.

  2. Well done Livewyre, excellent pic.
    Shame I couldn’t enter this week, but time was too tight to do anything. Oh well, maybe next time.

  3. Congrats Livewyre! It’s an awesome character and a very original! Great job!

  4. Avatar livewyre1014

    Woohoo!!! Thanks everybody.

  5. Grats Livewire.

    On the subject of critiques, I, personally, would welcome them. In fact if you want to critique mine in the comments below…..

  6. Congrats, LW.

    @Worf: From what I remember of the bio, a snowed-over cityscape would be a better background. The Cantdraw style suits the character well . . . subjectivity and all, I would’ve voted her higher than the winner. Flying attractive women–well, yeah.

  7. Oh, BTW, care to tell us who were your other two contenders?

  8. Congrants livewyre1014 !!!

  9. Top Three:Livewyre, Worf, Nug.

  10. #Herr D: I agree with you on the background, but I really didn’t want to do a complicated background (nor did I have the time for it). Oh well, maybe next time…. 😉