Pop Quiz Winner

These are the amazing entries for this surprise Pop Quiz.

Toni Stark super_american_by_roguejak-d7kmcgf Nobody-ProfessorFenton hm3-beta_zps83efff06 HerrD-PinkPineappleAndCoconut_zps43bf6116 Cliff_DrVoodoo_zpsf1a36ef4 Captain_Z-Ro

And the winner is...


Dr.VooDoo by Cliff. Congratulations Cliff, and thanks to all who took the time to enter.




8 Responses to Pop Quiz Winner

  1. Congrats to Cliff.

    Knew I was late for this. Here’s my pic anyway…Jenny Everywhere http://www.heromachine.com/wp-content/legacy/forum-image-uploads/ams/2014/06/ams-JENNY-EVERYWHERE.PNG


  2. Avatar Calvary_Red

    This was a fun contest. Unexpected like a real pop quiz.

    Congrats Cliff, Well done.

  3. Wow Thank you so much Djuby!
    This was a very fun contest.
    I just saw the contest around noon and was hoping I could get an entry done, dumped in Photobucket and into the contest in time for an appearance.
    As I said I had meant to do a half naked cutie with the Superman forehead curl, but other ideas came to fruition a fusion of Doctor and Voodan.
    Thanks for the congrats AMS and Calvary_Red

    Mark Professor Fenton. I love the chest piece and arm hardware, as well as timeship? in the background

    Worf Toni Stark – really love the time ship

    Herr D – Pink Pineapple And Coconut was just precious.

    Roguejakx52 – The Super American. Very well done patriotic Time Traveller.

    Nobody – Professor Fenton. A totally diferent take on the character as Mark. The belt and loot was very effective on him.

    Calvary_Red – Captain Z-Ro was good, but the back shot of his assistand Jeff really wowed me.

    AMS – Jenny Everywhere may have won had she made the deadline. Cute face, effeective pose, great costuming and time effect. I guess she should go back in time and come in before the deadline. 😀

  4. Thanks Cliff.

    As I wrote in the description I really wanted to have some tropes in there and the ship is one of them.

  5. Avatar Roguejakx52

    Congrats Cliff Well done !!

  6. I’m with ams. Had it almost done and server went down Saturday… :/. Had life issues Sunday and so forth… it happens.

    I did Rhoa…

  7. Yah, congrats, Cliff, and thanks. PP & C turned out to be more than I had time for with the server outage.

    I would’ve liked to have seen the others in the contest too. Some great ones.

  8. Keep your eyes peeled…you never know when the next PQ will show up!