Kaldath's Caption Contest #26

Once again it is time for a new caption contest! This week I want you to come up with your best dialogue  for this image:


The usual rules apply, You are limited to Three (3) entries which are due by 12 noon Eastern Time on Tuesday April 29th.  Of course I as always expect you to keep your entries no worse then PG-13 in nature and that you follow all the normal rules of the forum when writing your caption for the above image. That being said I wish you all Good luck!


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26 Responses to Kaldath's Caption Contest #26

  1. Avatar Hammerknight

    1. One of these days, Wonder Woman, one of these days, POW! to the moon.
    2. Talk to the hand!
    3.Here this might stop your headache.

  2. “I’m pretty sure you left your Invisible Robot Airplane right over…there! Yup, nailed it! Of course, you’d have known that if you had Super Senses…” 😉

  3. Two for flinching.

  4. 1. “-98-99-100! TAG, YOU’RE IT!”
    2. “–outfit like that, you should expect men grabbing the back of your head–”
    3. “–It’s coming back to me now. We need to go that . . . way?”

  5. 1. Women please, i could beat Chuck Norris.
    2. you said you wanted to see space, well i bet your seeing stars now.
    3. No, i volunteer as tribute.

  6. “It’s simple. Look over there. …..There, you just joined my brand new, upscale kludd.”

  7. What do you get when you take the Double-D’s and stars off of Wonder Woman? Oh, that’s right. You get *KLUDD!*

  8. Hah! Rock beats scissors. You lose!

  9. “Why don’t you get your own movie next time? It’s bad enough I have Batman stealing the spotlight in my sequel, without having you there as well.”

  10. Shoulda had a V8.
    Sandwich. Now.

  11. When in the south

  12. “No! I’m the only one who gets to where Spandex!”

    “This is what happens when you don’t stay in the kitchen.”

    “Sorry, I just wanted to see what sound effect the writers would out if I punched you.”

  13. “No! I’m the only one who gets to where Spandex!”

    “This is what happens when you don’t stay in the kitchen.”

    “Sorry, I just wanted to see what sound effect the writers would put if I punched you.”

  14. So, Hulk is just standing there, right next to Thor, and…

  15. 1) In Kansas, we don’t take back-sass from our womenfolk!
    2) I said NO MAYONAISE!
    3) ZZZZ- LUTHOR! – (snort) – ZZZZ….

  16. @ Kaldath: Senor moderator? Got your green Card? 🙂

  17. Avatar mrbunnylamakins

    Slug Bug! Parked down in front of the Hall of Justice.

  18. 1)
    “No, the red underwear was because, uh…”

    “If I had to choose between you and Batman? Well…”

  19. 1.) Donkey Punch!
    2.) Here’s my five finger death punch!
    3.) Ah, silence finally…

  20. 1) *bitch*
    2)watch where you fly your jet
    3)opps my hand slipped

  21. NO! I told you… it’s over. Go away!

  22. For the millionth time I said, “LEGGO MY EGGO!”

  23. 3)
    Diana! There’s a spider on you!

  24. “I don’t even need to say, ‘Marco’. I can smell you coming a mile away, Aquaman.”

  25. 1. Faster than a speeding bullet huh?

    2. I think we should see other people.

    3. Welcome to a male dominated society, now cook me something delicious.

  26. Avatar Sirdigbychickenceasar

    1.Hmm, strangely unsatisfying.

    2.Diana why do you make me hit you?

    3.[edited for inappropriate content by Jeff].