Character Design Contest ♯68 (Angels & Demons) Winner

I have to say, whilst the Costume Design Contest we did for CDC 41 is still my favourite contest I’ve hosted, this weeks poll has got to have had the highest quality of entrants we’ve ever had for any poll, it was outstanding. And in the end it came down to 3 votes that decided who won this clash of titans. And I’m happy to announce that this weeks winner is ExtremelyEPIC for his piece War. Congrats EE, go speak to dblade about your prize, and well done to everyone who entered.

68 ExtremelyEPIC- War

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5 Responses to Character Design Contest ♯68 (Angels & Demons) Winner

  1. A well-deserved win, Extremely Epic. Your artwork truly does justice to your name.

  2. ExtremelyEPIC

    Thank you. Honestly i wasn’t expecting to win…i thought djuby was the winner.Congrats to everyone!
    Thanks Stulte! I try to keep up to the name.

  3. Well done! A beautiful piece of work.

  4. Well done.

  5. Lord_Obsidious

    Well Done!