Monster Wars Poll!

As a result of the cancellation of Friday Night Fights, I am posting the following Poll of the all the art work submitted by the 9 entrants I had gotten for FNF. You will be able to vote once a day for your 10 favorite images with the poll closing at 11:59 pm Thursday March 13th. The winner of this poll will have the option their choice of either  1) A Custom Illustration (within reason), 2) a sketch of the day style drawing, or 3) a custom item added to HeroMachine 3 all drawn by Jeff Hebert.

I believe you can click on the pictures on the polls to see a larger version.

Remember you can vote for up to 10 of the entries Once a day every day until march 13 at midnight eastern time, so come out and vote for your favorites and vote often!


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6 Responses to Monster Wars Poll!

  1. Avatar headlessgeneral

    So where mine not received? Received too late? I think I sent them late Wednesday/early Thursday say, around 2:00 am.

  2. @headlessgeneral, I have not gotten them. The only FNF entrys that I had in my email box are up in that poll, and I did not see anything in my spam filter either. If you get them to me quickly enough I will see if I can add them to this poll.

  3. Avatar headlessgeneral

    Ok, I just sent them again.

  4. ok, they have been added to the poll, you made need to manually refresh to the page to see them.

  5. Avatar headlessgeneral

    Cool, thanks!

  6. djuby and headlessgeneral seem to be in a back and forth battle for first place, but there is still a lot of time yet! Will one of these two take the prize or will one of the others have a last minute surge to take the lead? Only your votes will decided to don’t forget to vote daily!