Kaldath's Character Challenge #9 – Results

Last Week I asked you to redesign one of these two characters:

Dragon Girl HM3Executioner HM3






With only Five entries in last weeks character challenge once more I will be forgoing a top five and simply announcing your winner. The winner of Kaldath's Character Challenge #9 is .........................


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2 Responses to Kaldath's Character Challenge #9 – Results

  1. Cliff says:

    Thanks Kaldah! I am very honored to be chosen as the winner.
    I have been in the hospital from Fri-Tues with a heart “episode” and had wondered if I would get out in time to see who won.
    I was really surprised one of the Dragon girls beat out the Executioners. Seems that quite often muscles and weapons win out. I promise I am not b!tch!ng. Just an observation.

    Titantron – I admit I thought her face was very HAPPY. Then I blew up the pic and saw her toothy grin (I’m leagally blind, so I missed it first go around). The hair works well with the headpeice too. And good work making her breast repeat the banded look of her torso.

    agatharights – Very nicely done Red Dragon Girl, I also love the while costume with the snow capped mountain, and I almost missed the drumstick and bones at her feet, but loved them when I did spot them.

    The Shady Paladin – Good choice of the building colors, I can never get the buidling colors right.

    Tango – loved the tattoo work on the pale as death torso and arms, which stood out much better so I could see it.

  2. Herr D says:

    Cliff: congrats and good luck on having no reruns of said episode.