Kaldath's Character Challenge #7

Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow Machiners, this week on Kaldath's character challenge I want to see your very best redesign of one of my favorite creations. I submit into your creative care "The Silver Owl"


Silver Owl HM3


This one is a total free for all for you guys to go wild on. I had absolutely not character history or power set in mind when I created this character. The only think I can say about her is that I had "The Sorceress" from the old He-Man and the Masters of the Universe in mind as an inspiration for her appearance, so I see her as a modern day SuperHero Shaman, or Mage type character, but you are not limited by that, make her anything you want!


The Rules:

Changing the rules to a SINGLE entry from each of you, more like the old pop quiz contests. In addition to that  you must keep your creations  within the rules of the forum and blog so keep that in mind when creating your entries. You  have until Tuesday January 28th at 12 noon Eastern Time to submit your entry and I will I be announcing the winner on the following day. Good Luck everyone and having Machining!

About Kaldath

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18 Responses to Kaldath's Character Challenge #7

  1. PessimistOnline says:


    I really loved the spandex design on the original so I turned it into the focus of my version. This Silver Owl is more of a street level superhero, more Black Canary than Zatanna.

  2. ryan bonmon says:

    so how do i post in challenges again. its been a very long time

  3. ryan bonmon says:

    never mind but here is the new improved silver owl

  4. EssayM says:

    I did a bit of a different take on this one, but then I guess that’s what we’re supposed to do anyway.

    Olga Krenkov is the most valued assassin in all of Europe. She strikes quickly, quietly, and untraceably. She is wanted in seven countries, yet legally alive in none of them. For her experience, her attention to detail, and her commitment to her craft, she is best known among her colleagues as simply….”The Silver Owl”.


  5. Nynir says:

    Err… How do I post this?

  6. headlessgeneral says:

    My take on The Silver Owl. This one is a psychotic, wing-harnessed villain.


  7. ryan bonmon says:

    Nynir you post it wrong. go to your picture, click somewhere that deals with link, and click direct link then you made your post correct

  8. Deathwolf says:

    How do I post here?

  9. Kaldath says:

    Deathwolf says:
    January 24, 2014 at 12:04 pm
    How do I post here?

    Create your image in Heromachine like normal, Export or screen capture your image ( whichever method you like for saving it ) then post your image to a public photo sharing site, like our forums, Photobucket, deviantArt etc. Once you have the image on one of those sites paste the URL to the direct image here. ( Direct image URL would be to a page with NOTHING but the image in question ) Make sure the link is to the image in question and not to a gallery.

  10. Titantron says:

    The winged hero Alysha Wellington was helping to rescue a child from the top floor of a high rise when the building exploded, leaving her without legs or hands. The Dept. of Homeland Defense made her an offer, cybernetic limbs in exchange for her service in their new America Defense Force. Now, as Silver Owl, Alysha helps protect America from organizations determined to do her harm!


  11. WeirdoChick says:

    I’M BAAACCKK!!! *everyone runs away screaming* he he
    Stupid computer broke…Anyway!! here is my entry:


    She doesn’t really look like an owl, but whatever.
    FUN FACTS: My Silver Owl doesn’t like shoes, and as actually never walked before. She hates it when people mistake her for and angel, because according to her, they are stuck up and rude.