Character Design Contest ♯54 (Flying) Winner

The winner of this weeks CDC poll was none other than RobM for his Jet Dynamo Go. Congratulations Rob, if you wish to claim a prize I believe dblade is offering custom items to CDC winners.

54 RobM-JetDynamoGo-1

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4 Responses to Character Design Contest ♯54 (Flying) Winner

  1. Thanks for the votes, all.

  2. headlessgeneral

    Congrats, RobM! Excellent picture.

  3. I am indeed offering a prize! What is it that you desire? (within my guidelines of course) :) Although I might not be able to handle the wide breadth of items that Master Hebert can produce I can cover a lot of territory.

  4. Robm: The best place to contact me is dblade’s Whiz Bang Item Dispenser.