HM3: Playing Head Games


Whiz Bang rolls out this week's new items!

The Futuristic Soldier Helmet was the winner of this week's poll. It resides in Headgear/Military as three objects (full piece, helmet, and mask). This piece was originally suggested for the item poll by Shocking458. I hope you have fun playing soldier!

Robot Skull was a item poll piece suggested by CKnap. It resides in Head/MaleStandard. Keep an eye on this one. I have a feeling it has malevolent plans for the human race.

Generic Flared Helmet and Star Insignia were item poll pieces suggested by Lightningsword. The Generic Flared Helmet can be found in Headgear/Standard, while the Star Insignia can be found in Insignia/Standard. Call me crazy but I bet these two items would look good together.

The guitar is an item created in the distant path for a young rockin adventurer called Harlequin. The reasons behind its creation are lost in the mists of time. It can be found in ItemRight/Music.