Things I Like: Every Starship Ever On One Chart

Just found this on Facebook. Pretty awesome if you ask me. See how many you can name before you look up close.

(Massively down sized to fit on page)

Here's a bigger version:


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5 Responses to Things I Like: Every Starship Ever On One Chart

  1. Avatar Calvary_Red says:

    This is a really cool reference. i was amazed to see how small the Enterprise(s) was compared to some if these others (though the City Destroyer and Borg Cube should have been a clue).

  2. Avatar Herr D says:

    Zowie. I have this incredible urge to find the guy who made this and challenge him to a game of Battleship . . .

  3. Avatar Jadebrain says:

    I don’t see Spaceball One.

  4. Avatar Debochira says:

    I can’t find the USG Ishimura

  5. Avatar Harlekin says:

    I also missing the SR7 Normandy