Poll Position Delay

Hey folks, I am not feeling well and ended up falling asleep very early last night before I wrote my Poll Position post so it will be delayed til later in the day.

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3 Responses to Poll Position Delay

  1. Kaldath says:

    As it turns out I have been wracking my brain all day today trying to think of a good poll question and can not think of one so no poll position post today after all, I will post one tomorrow if I can think up something else you all will need to wait til next week!

  2. The primo question: King Kong or Godzilla!

  3. I haven’t seen the movie Ghost in the Shell (though I intend to). Watched the anime but just couldn’t keep up. It really is complex. A little much if you’re a casual viewer. If you’re a die-hard, I’m sure you could spend hours analyzing.

    The anime, I found really creepy. That people we’re so willing and eager to give up their flesh and blood to become animatronics vulnerable to hacking and breakdowns. On the flipside, it would be a viable solution for gender re-assignment. Forget scarification and ineffective drugs, just switch your body. I wish!

    I believe that the American / Western version of Ghost in the Shell is incomplete and heavily censored. Frankly, as with most anime, I feel a lot is lost in translation and cultural differences. The sub-plot of immigration / refugee camps and world war is uniquely Japanese.

    For what it is and what I’ve seen, it’s interesting and well done. The American voice of the Major makes me purr. The Major herself is the most intriguing character with a pleasant purple appeal.