Character Design Contest ♯41 Poll (Fashion Show)

This week, I thought I'd also take a look at some of my other favourites that unfortunately didn't make the final five. I don't know if this is going to become a regular thing or not, but I thought it might make a change.

Atomic Punk- princessm-ambassadortaiho



Personally, I prefer the black and white costume out of the two, it's more unusual and interesting. However, I like the hair, armbands and the detailing on the top (the shoulder- cape and chinese character) on the red costume. The thing that threw me about this design though, was the blue and yellow hair, which didn't seem to fit the rest of the colour palette.




...because it wasn't hard enough having to choose which of Harlekin's to include, now I have to choose between two of djuby's finest pieces of dress design. Thanks man. No, actually, why did I choose the other one? Umm. I'm moving on before I change my mind again.




It was very hard to choose between Harlekin's four or five (I can't remember) entries, but I managed to get it down to this and Anzu. I love the coat, it looks like it could actually be either cotton or silk, but Anzu won me over because there was more intricacy to the design.

Keith Kanin-Nightshade



A nice use of wing items here, to make a very fitting costume for the type of character. However, having said that, there isn't much costume there to judge. I would have liked to see a bit more of a costume, but still, it is a good costume.

keric- Orange-1

keric- Orange-1


This was the best of keric's entries. I love the orange dress, especially the spatter gun layer effect on the chest area. I also like the jewellery, although the 90 degree turn on the belt could have been done better if it was either a full 180 or a different item, it sits slightly out of place. Also I have no idea what is going on on the left knee, maybe a masking issue, but neither really detract too much from a very good costume.




I'm loving the patterning on the jacket, cape, hat and walking cane. Also the capes as cape ties is a very nice touch. I also love the colour scheme.

Timedrop23-Six L'Orange

Timedrop23-Six L'Orange


Great cabaret style costume. Simple, only two main colours with the one little nod to the colour that gives the character her name. Two things that bug me though, the right hand and the little slot of background between the hair and head, which could have been filled with another hair item.

Vengance- Nuke

Vengance- Nuke


Vengance did the best Superhero costume designs this week and this was my favourite. I like the 'burning' colour scheme and the chest area design is very interesting a well thought out.

Anyway, well done to everyone, there were some excellent designs, but I could only pick 5. So now its up to you to pick 1.


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3 Responses to Character Design Contest ♯41 Poll (Fashion Show)

  1. Avatar Herr D says:

    Well, I did have to vote for Pris out of those! Keric’s was second for me, but careers apparently make a difference.

  2. Tough this week. Don’t get me wrong… but someone here is a professional costume designer. ;9

    Good luck, finalists! Good stuff, all!

    Personal notables (outside of finalists):
    * Phatchick’s Daysteam – for reasons JR already mentioned
    * Timedrop23’s Surfer Style – the zipper is a bit wide; still, very stylish wetsuit; the anklet notes an eye for realism

    @JR: Taiho insisted on the black and white dress at the last minute. I didn’t have time to re-color my hair. Well, I did… but she made me so mad. Very uncomfortable evening.

  3. Avatar Keric says:

    Herr D:
    Well, I did have to vote for Pris out of those! Keric’s was second for me, but careers apparently make a difference.

    Thank you Herr, this week was my first time trying “zypping” and it counted against me! (lol!) I think I voted for Can’t’s.