Character Design Contest ♯34 Winner

The winner of our transformations contest is none other than AMS for his wolfman transformation. Well done man and well done to everyone who entered, there where some excellent creations.

AMS- wolfman


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5 Responses to Character Design Contest ♯34 Winner

  1. Avatar Herr D says:

    G’job ams, and lucky thing for him it’s not a SILVER award.

  2. Avatar TOOL says:

    oh ha ha aren’t you the comedian Herr D lol

  3. Avatar djuby says:


  4. Avatar TOOL says:

    We should have a contest called “Through the Ages” where we have to create three characters at three different points in their life but where they all still look like they could be the same character. Example: A teen, adult, and elder. Class doesn’t matter may it be human or not. No cheating and doing elves or vampire types since they dont age though.

  5. ams ams says:

    Thanks for the votes everyone! Cheers!