Caption Contest #6

This week, I want you to come up with the best bit of replacement dialogue for this picture

Caption Contest


Remember, keep it clean. You have until next Wednesday.


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30 Responses to Caption Contest #6

  1. Anarchangel Anarchangel

    I’ll just get this out of the way.


    ….OK this one may just be funny if you’re British. Probably not even then.

  2. 1. Look who is talking.

  3. 1.)I’ll be going now…I think.

    2.) Umm…Meow?

  4. Anarchangel:
    I’ll just get this out of the way.


    ….OK this one may just be funny if you’re British. Probably not even then.

    Yes I am British so I do get it.

  5. “I am Spider-man… no wait, Wolverine… no wait, Punisher… no wait…”

  6. Avatar Calvary_Red

    1) “~It means no worries, for the rest of your days! It’s our problem-free philosophy! Hakuna Matata!~”

  7. The Fantastic Four…What are you doing in my bathroom?

  8. Um–you usually say 3, 10, or no limit on entries: Here’s four.
    1. See? With this disguise, we look human enough to go in the HeroCon for the free food!
    2. He’s standing right behind me, isn’t he?
    3. Claws hanging, and STAND–2, 3, 4 . . .
    4. Weasels CAN line-dance TOO!

  9. Day 10: They have not noticed I am not one of them yet.

  10. 1) As the High Council commands!
    2) Their…hypnotic gaze! Must…kill myself!
    3) All right, maggots! Drop and give me twenty!

  11. Hakunamatata.

    Then I said oh no you didn’t and she said oh yes I did!

    You guys have any chimichangas?

  12. I am no mere kat!

  13. Are you understanding the words that are coming out of my mask?

  14. Avatar William A. Peterson

    “Now, you’re probably wondering why I’ve called you together…”

  15. Ha! I didn’t say Simon Says!

  16. 1. I’m…..home.
    2. Cocaine is a hell of drug…..

  17. 1. Daddy?! Is that you?
    2. You wanna hire me to kill the chipmunks? I’m in! I’ll start with that #!@?!&$! Alvin…
    3. So YOU are those voices in my head? That explains a lot!
    4. Has anyone seen Pumba?

  18. Mommy? Is that you? You’ve lost weight…and thumbs.

  19. 1.You ever wondered how my eyes move with the mask

    2. Staring contest…GO!

    3.Yes masters…

  20. “What are YOU doing in the zoo?”

  21. “So, if some drunken idiot climbs over the fence at night, we eat ’em?”

  22. What? Too much eye shadow?

  23. … And so that explains Heros, but, I still don’t know why they didn’t just go back in time and kill Sylar and his family…

  24. Any of you tell me how I can have my own reality show as cool as mircat manor?

  25. Lightningsword Lightningsword

    WOLVERINE? Is That You? what happened?

  26. Fancy seeing you here!

  27. 1 – “Yeah, you know. Tiny, lazy, hangs out with a warthog…seen him?”

    2 – “…and THEN she says ‘But Wade, it’s not you, it’s me!’, and I’m all ‘Whoa, whoa, what?’, right? But no, she’s just GOTTA have her men hairy and faced, because it’s ALL about her…”

  28. What’s up guys? Now which way to the bear?

  29. Oh, crap! I forgot to feed Dogpool! I hope he doesn’t like the taste of meerkat….

    Congratulations! You guys have made it to the top four on “Marvel’s Next Top Meerpool.” Now…how do you feel about being painted red?

  30. 1. Ok. You, Me, an’ Pumba. Chimichangas. Now!

    2. Are you reading this in Nolan North’s voice too!

    3. Hakuna Mat-uhh. I can show you the wooooooooorrlldd!

    4. So, If I keep doing this, people won’t sneak up and steal my (tacos/chimichangas)?

    5. Are you guys here to see the meerkat’s too?!