Poll Position: Movies #2 – Watchmen vs V For Vendetta

Taking the suggestion by JR from my request last week for poll position topics this weeks poll position question is which is the better movie Watchmen or V For Vendetta?


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3 Responses to Poll Position: Movies #2 – Watchmen vs V For Vendetta

  1. This is tough. V was more archetypal, W was more interesting. W had more range from street thug to twilight zone level power. V has a cleaner plotline. I’m saying they are roughly equal but different kinds of movies. (Mostly because I didn’t love either one that much.)

  2. NateThePrate

    In general, I preferred both movies to the comics. Heresy, I know, but I can like whatever the hell I like.

    In both cases, I think V for Vendetta is more my cup of tea…

  3. Well, I can’t vote. I didn’t watch the Watchmen. But, they were watching me.