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  1. Can i ask a little rename it.

    The character name is Szélanya.


  2. Harlekin:
    Can i ask a little rename it.

    The character name is Szélanya.


    Done it. Sorry about the mistake

  3. Thanks sorry my idiotic language working with that method to give a t for the end of the word.

  4. First, congrats to the finalists! I don’t think that I have ever seen as many side profiles in a single challenge. Some personal notables (no particular order):

    * Props to madjack for creating both Greek and Egyptian pantheons. All good stuff.

    * Renxin’s Quetzlcoatl: the wings in motion and color
    * Vampyrist’s Camazotz: he designed the character in his style and how he incorporated Camazotz into his own universe
    * Timedrop23’s Angus: though he’s not a myth – he is very real and walks among us mere mortals. 😉

    As an aside, I use “Download Master” for Google Chrome to automagically download pictures. It works really well with direct links, not so much with Photobucket. It’s a real time-saver. Unfortunately, it misses some entries. And, since it is automatic, I can’t tell who created “pq12abc.” Please observe the “Creator Name-Character Name” standard. I really would like to critique and give credit to other designers.

  5. Wish everyone could vote for up to three of them, then take best voted out of them all as winner. It was hard to choose one so I went with someones art I appreciate on an overall basis as well.