Kaldath’s Caption Contest #3

Your challenge this week is to give me your most witty, and or funny replacement dialog for the following image.




Contest closes at 12 Noon EDT ( GMT-4) Tuesday May 28th. Limit of Three (3) entries per person. Please keep it clean!


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17 Responses to Kaldath’s Caption Contest #3

  1. 1: Don’t just stand there, get this triangle off my neck.
    2: Well, I think we can safely say that the colourist on this issue is either 5 years old or doing this panel at 5pm Friday.
    3: I’ve definitely got a camper pose than you do.

  2. Don’t hate the Playa, hate the game!

  3. 1) Depends, sailor…are you a cop?
    2) How come you get a whole costume and I just get a mask?
    3) Can’t believe the pool hall tossed us out for dressing like this!

  4. I Feel just SUPER!

  5. 1. What’s your flavor? Butch or blond?

    2. Did I ever tell you about the time that I stayed over at Roman Polanski’s house?

    3. How can you tell? Well, he wears pants and I wear short shorts.

  6. Don’t worry, we are gonna start making money soon enough

  7. Dude, why did you steal my cape and dye it?

  8. Hey there, do you like gladiator movies?

  9. Avatar Hammerknight

    1. “Westover? I thought it said Bentover.”
    2. “Why would you want Wonder Woman when you can have all this?”
    3. “Wow he was faster then a speeding bullet.”

  10. Avatar Aaron of Minneapolis

    What? I can change faster than Superman with this.

  11. “Northstar cant beat this!”

    “Wanna see how high i can lift my leg?”

  12. 1. He SAID for me to break them. Then he got mad?!
    2. So, did you lose all your money to him, too?
    3. …so, then he said to rack him. The ambulance took him away.

  13. “We are never going to hitchhike with that pose. You gotta show some leg, like this…”

  14. Avatar Nate_The_Prate

    I don’t get it, Robin said we’d get all kinds of babes dressed like this…

  15. Do you think they will ever let us in there to play pool dressed like this?

  16. I told you stuffing a pool ball in his mouth wouldn’t help

    “Poolboy Man” doesn’t work in a billiard

    Look, I only had time to put the mask and collar on, okay?

  17. Avatar Bryce Wasley

    1. Dressed like this, no wonder we don’t get candy on Halloween.
    2. I can’t see in this mask. What am I wearing?
    3. These costumes are sure to startle our adversaries.