Moar Punkins!

HeroMachiner NHA247 sent in some super-hero related pumpkins he carved for this Halloween. I love 'em! If you have your own real-world sculpted vegetables to show off, by all means post a link or send 'em to me.

8 Responses to Moar Punkins!

  1. Yes, Heromachine community. Show me more pumpkins so that I may vicariously live my pumpkin carving dreams through you.

    And thanks, NHA247, these are pretty cool.

  2. Those are cool. This is my favorite holliday. Love to see all of the creepy decorations. Really like to see what others can do with carving pumpkins though not very fond of doing it myself. Last year we did several including the gears of war pic posted here.

  3. I had an idea to make a sick pumpkin kinda like this but my wife wouldnt let me LOL

  4. Avatar The Atomic Punk

    Ooh, love the “Gears of War” pumpkin!

  5. Jeff, I know this is off topic, but what is the status of the unclaimed contest prizes? Is dblade finishing them or has Heromachine moved on from contest prizes entirely?

  6. Thanks everyone! πŸ™‚

    @TheAtomicPunk- Thanks I was happy how it came out too! I am a huge gears of war fan!

    Happy Halloween! (almost)

  7. I just thought I’d share this with the Hero Machine Community. Here’s an actual pumpkin that I actually carved and gutted. The Pumpkin… Of War!