Pop Quiz: Chimera

Happy Saturday, folks! Your one-day challenge is to create a chimera, a creature formed by combining two other creatures. The classic Greek mythological example was the Chimera, a lion's body with eagle's wings and the heads of a dragon, a goat, and a lion:

Your goal is not to recreate this specific monster, but to take at least two items from the Head-Animals set and combine them onto one creature. It could be humanoid like a minotaur with an extra head or entirely animalistic like the classic chimera.

You only get one entry -- that's right, just one! So make it your best. Most of the other rules are the same as for a regular challenge, but instead of a whole week I'll announce my favorites some time tomorrow. Here's how to make an entry:

(Click to embiggen.)

I'll pick one entry as my personal favorite, which will get to be featured in the side bar to the right for ultimate glory! As a bonus you're allowed to say you won the Internet for a few days.

Good luck!