META: Out today

Sorry guys, I'm having a rough day. No "You're Going to Die" update today.

6 Responses to META: Out today

  1. Hope all of your things are all good, chum.

  2. Feel better. I command it.

  3. oh, & thanx 4 letting us know, in spite of roughness.

  4. I totally understand, Mr. Supreme Overlord of Awesomeness. Hope everything gets better soon, and I’m sorry you’re having a tough day 🙁

  5. I figured that this would be the best place to open up this topic again so I didnt mess with the other posts. Hey DBlade, Jeff said something a while back on one of my comments that he tries to post items you make then give to him as quickly as possible. I was just wondering when you were going to give some items to him because I know you have created some but I havent seen them on here. My Pip boy being one of them, just curious, hit me back if you see this.

  6. He actually got some more good stuff to me a couple of weeks ago but I haven’t gotten to it yet.