Pop Quiz "Small Gods" Results

Saturday was all about "Small Gods" 'round these parts, and the entries we got for our Pop Quiz on the subject were just great! But don't take my word for it, see for yourself:

Among the fun and inspired concepts were Pluggo, god of tangling cords; Mrs. Boggs, punisher of men that leave the toilet seat up; Manilla: Goddess of Impulsive Shoe Purchases; Vian, the God of Things You Can’t Find Despite Putting Them There Only a Moment Ago; Beezus Chrusht, Savior of the Insects!; Zarsas, the god of little sharp, stabby things that poke you in the bottom of the foot, but when you take off your shoe, there’s nothing there; Confusia, Queen of the Junk Drawer (her tentacles ensure that whatever it is you need from her is buried in the very bottom of the pile); and my favorite name, "Lag Demon". I think that could really catch on.

My overall personal top choice this time out, though, is Melmo44, who had two entries that were both really good illustrations and fun concepts. I know that Zarsas is a constant presence here in the country, and if I could figure out what to sacrifice to propitiate him I'd be all over it.

But really, everyone did just great; I hope you had as much fun creating these as I did seeing them.

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