Hail to the King

Hail to the King

By: Andrew Hines

We finally get a real glimpse into the life of young Arthur Curry, before he became Aquaman. This is a tried and true origin story, they way they used to do it. Like in the "Others" arc, we see a much angrier Arthur. He is also a man just discovering his powers and his legacy. We also meet the classic character, Vulko, his most trusted compatriot.

Geoff Johns has fone a great job penning the origin of Aquaman. Taking cues from the classic version, he has breathed new life into the character. With new trials and tribulations in his path, I believe that we can see much more awesomeness in the next year. I think this version makes Arthur a much more realistic character in the way he deals with his father's death and the realization that he is next in line for the throne of a mythical continent. It would be enough to turn most people's hair white from the shock of it. He handles it about as well as can be expected, albeit with a slightly larger dose of fury and adrenaline. It's good writing for the most part, though with a few fluctuations in pacing.

For the 13th issue in a row Ivan Reis, Joe Prado and Rod Reis have been the art team on one of the breakout hits of the New 52. Reis and Prado's art is consistent the whole way through, just like every other issue of Aquaman in the last year. The colors from Rod Reis, both in back and foreground are very good. They add a nice touch to the action scenes and really bring us into it. There are some great effects throughout the issue where the three work perfectly together.

This earns an "A" for all four of the men who brought this issue to comic stands around the world. It's a fantastic origin. If you enjoy reading Aquaman, this is a great addition to the last year's run.

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