Pop Quiz Results

I was really impressed with all of the entries submitted for our last Pop Quiz, which challenged you to use at least one of the new "Humanoid" companions in a cool image. Here are all of the submissions:

I really do like them all. In no particular order, though, my particular favorites were DiCicatriz, Atomic Punk, djuby, Harlequin, Meniukas, nha247, Scatman, Shiboreth, Skybandit (love me some Mythbusters!), Melmo44, and Worf.

Out of that select group, probably my Top Three would be Atomic Punk, DiCicatriz, and Meniukas. As far as I am concerned, they're all three winners, but if I have to pick just one to be my overall favorite, I'll go with Meniukas just for the neat story being told and the ambitious use of the items in question:

But a stellar job by all concerned!

21 Responses to Pop Quiz Results

  1. Avatar DiCicatriz says:

    Thanks for the shout out! This was really enjoyable, the new companions are all kind of quirky and cool. It was fun to try my hand at more of a traditional superteam 😀

  2. Avatar djuby says:

    Congrats Meniukas. Great work. I had never really given the companions a second glance before this Quiz, and since entering, have worked with a second one. Great stuff Jeff.

  3. Avatar mrmatt220 says:

    Meniukas that was a awesome idea, Congratulations.

  4. Avatar Watson Bradshaw says:

    sorry I missed out on the fun, great work from all of you, and congrats Meniukas on such a detailed and outstanding job

  5. Avatar barbario says:

    some of the best renderings ive seen yet.

  6. Avatar The Atomic Punk says:

    Thanks for the nom, Jeff. These were all amazingly creative. Props to Harlequin and djuby for their consistent and amazing style. DiCicatriz and Worf tied them into an original story. Lime’s “someone shot food” is a great nod for us… “more experienced” HMers. Unstable’s alterations and TheEric’s simplicity. Siboreth’s twist… I apologize for any misses… Ask me for a critique… these were all so fun!

    Meniukas’ design is no apologies outstanding, smart, and instant classic. Great execution and I can’t say enough about your technique. Bravo and brilliant!

  7. Avatar Lime says:

    Meniukas and djuby’s entries were probably my favorites.

    Nice humor all around! 😀 I’m a little sad none of us found a use for Cthulu’s Grandma. Maybe that will be my next project …

  8. Avatar Calvary_Red says:

    Ah well, looks like i kinda slept through this one, but all the entries look great Thanks again to Lime for the tip on clearing my cache, and congrats to the winner(s).

  9. Avatar punkjay says:

    The winner reminds me of Heavy Metal!

  10. ams ams says:

    Congrats to Meniukas and great entries by all!

  11. Melmo44 Melmo44 says:

    An awesome job by everyone this week! In addition to the finalists, I also really liked mrmatt and Hudson’s entries. And thanks to Jeff for the new Companions! 😀

  12. Avatar Herr D says:

    Congrats to the winner and also a special thanks to the only person to turn the upside-down figure right-side up! Glad to see people besides myself going for unintended uses.

  13. Avatar Scatman says:

    I was instantly blown away by the comosition and the theme!congrats meniukes!!

  14. Avatar The Eric says:

    Congrats, Meniukas. I thought that was pretty awesome as soon as i saw it.

    By the way, does the text actually say something?

  15. Avatar meniukas says:

    wow I didn’t expect to win first place whit that half done picture. It mises zyping, scroll look like it hanging in the air, scaffolds don’t look like I wanted and many more…
    @punkjay: Heavy Metal?
    @The Eric does the text actually say something?
    Yes, but mostly its swearing.

  16. Avatar Trekkie says:

    Well done Meniukas! It looks fantastic. And this was a great contest- all of the entries were really creative.

  17. Avatar Frankie says:

    Congratulations, Meniukas! Great artwork!

    My top four faves are…
    djuby, Meniukas, DiCicatriz and Scatman.

  18. Avatar Harlequin says:


    First of all i gratulate everyone whose enter in the contest. Everyone made a great work. Very good pictures. Everyone do his/her best.

    My personnal favourite is Meniukas picture – Very complex and storytelling picture. I wrote in the forum what my little visual problem but whose care 😀 – Great job Meniukas.

    My mention also for Scatman picture – great picture.

  19. Avatar dblade says:

    Very nice work, Meniukas. An extremely clever solution to this quiz! I give it an A+!

  20. Avatar Hudson says:

    This was a really fun contest, and I can’t begin to tell you how awesome it was to see my character in the group of entries! But I totally agree–Meniukas, that idea was awesome, especially because that must’ve required a lot of work and in such a short amount of time. Love the ideas, guys! 🙂

  21. Avatar Hudson says:

    Oh, and @Melmo44: Glad you liked it! 😀 And thanks for the shout-out!