Pop Quiz Results

I was really impressed with all of the entries submitted for our last Pop Quiz, which challenged you to use at least one of the new "Humanoid" companions in a cool image. Here are all of the submissions:

I really do like them all. In no particular order, though, my particular favorites were DiCicatriz, Atomic Punk, djuby, Harlequin, Meniukas, nha247, Scatman, Shiboreth, Skybandit (love me some Mythbusters!), Melmo44, and Worf.

Out of that select group, probably my Top Three would be Atomic Punk, DiCicatriz, and Meniukas. As far as I am concerned, they're all three winners, but if I have to pick just one to be my overall favorite, I'll go with Meniukas just for the neat story being told and the ambitious use of the items in question:

But a stellar job by all concerned!

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