The Legend of Primus

The Legend of Primus

By: Andrew Hines

Transformers is a huge piece of our childhood. There's really no denying that.   What you may not have now is that they inhabit a vast universe beyond anything the cartoons or movies ever managed to show. I won't pretend to know all about the characters in the world of Transformers, but I can tell you that this issue made me want to seriously get into the story of the Autobots. In this over-sized issue, we get to see someone other than Optimus Prime and the core members of the Autobots. The focus, this time is the crew of the Lost Light, which is in search of the City of Light, home to the fabled Circle of Light.

Writer James Roberts has scripted a wonderful issue. We don't just see a few characters here and there swapping witty banter, but rather, real interaction and classic Transformers references. Just because you don't see Optimus in this issue, doesn't mean you can't feel his presence at times, especially in Rodimus' actions as the commanding officer of the Lost Light. It branches out from their main mission into several smaller stories. It's just good writing in general. It manages to incorporate all of the great dialogue with good pacing.

The main artists, (my buddy) Jimbo Salgado and Emil Cabaltierra did a fantastic job on the pages. The lines on the interior art are fabulous and there's hardly a mis-step in the entire issue. The pencils are clean and the inks are finely tuned. There is a potion of flashback art, which was done by Guido Guidi, that looks very much like an 80s comic book. The colors by Juan Fernadez and Joanna Fuente are smooth and nearly flawless.  In total, I'd say there are very few, if any comics in the last week or two that look as good throughout. It looks as if these pages were exactly what the creators intended them to be.

I give this issue a solid "A". The creative team is awesome and the story is splendid. I really need to get back into reading Transformers if they all look like this and have such writing.

3 Responses to The Legend of Primus

  1. NHA247 says:

    I have always been a huge transformers fan!

    Thanks for the info Jeff I am gonna go pick this up today!

  2. NHA247 says:

    oops sorry i mean Thanks mcknight57!

  3. mcknight57 says:

    oops sorry i mean Thanks mcknight57!

    It’s all good. There are 3 different covers, so if you don’t see this exact one, don’t be alarmed.