Barbario Smash!

Our very own Barbario stars in this awesome trailer! This is pretty darn cool, and Barbario certainly fulfills his promise as a bona fide bad-ass. Well done, sir!

9 Responses to Barbario Smash!

  1. thanks i hope you guys enjoy! itsa’ me, Luigi!

  2. Kick-ass flick! Well done!

  3. Freakin’ sickness!

  4. Avatar Watson Bradshaw

    want to see the sequal with you biting the head off Pikachu. Well done sir.

  5. Pretty cool take on video game movies. And some pretty decent fight choreography there.

  6. lol excellent! Congrats!

  7. Dude, great job and nice ink. It seems all is not well in the Mushroom Kingdom. I would totally go to a midnight release of a Super Smash Bros. movie if it looked like this.

  8. I finally got SOUND on this computer, that is bad a** +)