"General Dinosaur" by Skybandit

2 Responses to "General Dinosaur" by Skybandit

  1. Avatar Brad says:

    I absolutely love “Soldier’s cross.” It goes beyond making something technically interesting and communicates genuine emotion. I’ve recently been considering joining myself (seems to be the only people hiring), so it kind of hits home, as I’m sure it does for other HM users who are either retired or serving. Excellent touches, Jester.

    I also really like twin alchemists, MSCat. If I had an animation studio, I would want to buy your characters for a new series! It’s very smartly put together, the composition and execution of different elements sort of “smack” with one another.

  2. Avatar Brad says:

    I didn’t realize I was commenting on an individual picture… I goof so good I scare myself.