Life before holsters

(From "Target Comics" volume 2, number 4, 1941.)

10 Responses to Life before holsters

  1. Avatar William Peterson

    Is that good ol’ Eel O’Brien {Plastic Man}?

  2. It does smack of plasticity, but no, these are just your average cheap gangsters in a backup “kid cadet” type of story.

  3. How good a spy can you be, really, in a bright red suit?

  4. Avatar Dan Gonzalez

    They’re clearly dressed to infiltrate the fabulous mafia.

  5. String? Looks like chains to me.

  6. And by their stupid actions, they failed in their dastardly plans three frames later.

  7. The chain’s tied together with string?–What?

  8. Avatar William Peterson

    I understand that the Cheap hoods are just cheap hoods…
    But the Red Ball in chains looks a lot like Plastic Man.

  9. Those are chains inside of a red circle. The artist is showing a closeup of the chains breaking.

  10. Not-so-great moments in villainy!