Vampyrist and Iscarioto Portraits

I've just added these two fine looking gentlemen to the Head-Winners set in HM3 as their contest prizes. Enjoy! As always, if you don't see the new items, clear your browser's cache (make sure you don't remove the Flash cookies though!) and check again.

6 Responses to Vampyrist and Iscarioto Portraits

  1. Welcome, fellow Heads!

  2. Fellow Head, thank you for greeting us.
    I like it.

  3. “Fellow Heads.” I like it.

  4. Haha, Cheers Jeff. Cheers fellow heads.

  5. Avatar Watson Bradshaw

    Now I want to be part of the fellow Head posse!

  6. Oh my god I just realised: Can now totally find out what I’d look like with a beard