Caption Contest 121

Your challenge this week is to come up with the best replacement dialog for this comics panel:

The best entry (as judged by yours truly) wins the author's choice of either any item they like or any portrait to be included in HeroMachine 3′s final release, or a custom black and white “Sketch of the Day” style illustration (you pick the subject, I draw it however I like).

All entries must be left as a comment (or comments) to this post. Keep ‘em clean (appropriate for a late-night broadcast TV show), but most importantly, keep ‘em funny!

This one should be a bit more challenging than usual, both because you're coming up with an editorial caption instead of dialog and because, let's face it, keeping them clean enough for late-night television won't be easy.

No limit to entries, but please, self-edit and only put up ones you genuinely think are good!

67 Responses to Caption Contest 121

  1. alphaalpharomeo alphaalpharomeo

    1-And then Batman punched his way of a stomach

    2-He tried to contain his vomit, but…

    3-Unaware that the apple he ate was really a grenade…

  2. 1. …and that was the first and last anyone ever saw of the Combusting Man.

  3. …and then…the burrito attacked!

  4. Coffee……Bran muffin…….traffic…….Noooooooooooo!

  5. It was, after all, wafer thin.

  6. 1. The first time Peter saw Claire in a bikini.

    2. The next morning, Peter learned that he and Claire were related.

    3. Luke’s internal reaction to Vader’s admission.

    4. He tried, but still only managed to last thirty seconds.

    5. Bloof? Weakest explosion ever!

    6. Have you ever wondered what Nitro sounds like underwater? Wonder no longer, true believers.

  7. Bael:
    It was, after all, wafer thin.

    Game, set, and match. Out-STANDING!

  8. Avatar Dr. Shrinker

    Some came to believe the rumor that mixing pop-rocks with coca-cola would grant them super-powers…Then they learned the truth!

  9. 1. There’s not mayonnaise on this is there!? I told you, I’m allergic to…
    2. I told you not to bother Kevin Smith during “Taco-fest 2012”!!!

    And that’s all I got..

    EDIT: I just realized I added captions instead of commentaries. I also just realized I’m an idiot…

  10. 1.I’m starting to think that candle i ate was not a candle… crap.

    2.Nevander! you assured me i was indestructible!

    3.OH NO OH NO OH NO OH NO OH NO OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thats all my usless brain can come up with…. FOR NOW.

  11. 1. It was then that he realised he shouldn’t have had that last tin of baked beans.

  12. 1. She realized that he wasn’t happy to see her and that was a thermal detonator in his pants.

  13. 2. He knew that if the “BLARF!” didn’t impress them, he’d have to go bigger.

  14. “Baby, you’re a firework!”

  15. Matter Eating Lad finds out the hard way that he is NOT ammune to the explotion of a nukeclear missle…

  16. We join Bloof-man in the midst of a heated battle with his archnemesis Onomatopoeia-man

  17. 1. The real Napoleon Dynamite discovered!

  18. It’s comical-sounding-explosion-man!

  19. 1: Mentos doesn’t always make it fresh…
    2: Why you shouldn’t tie a knot in it…
    3: The origin of Achmed the Dead Terrorist!
    4: The Punisher switches to rifle grenades…
    5: Do not mix medications with alcohol!
    6: Exploding Man will NOT be back next issue…
    7: Viagra warning: replace condom after ten uses.
    8: Irritable bowel syndrome can be fatal!
    9: Why moonshine is bad…
    10: The hot-dog eating contest goes awry…
    11: Heroin smuggling and nitro pills don’t mix!

    2: And with the perfect combination of flatulance and fire, Doctor Vandar proved the theory of Spontaneous Human Combustion!
    3: …and may I be blown up from the inside if I’m lying!

  21. the boof fairy didn’t go over as well… for some reason.

  22. He washed down the menthos with coke and…

  23. 1 – And thus ended the life of the suicide chest-burster…
    2 – Clearly sodas and antacids weren’t just weapons against birds…
    3 – And that’s what happens when you hold in a taco fart…

  24. 7. The appropriate reaction when meeting Jayne Cobb for the first time.

  25. 1: “And then he revealed himself to be none other than…..Onomatopoeia-Man!”
    2: “Appearing in the comics today: ‘Splosion Man!”
    3: “And then God said: Let there be Michael Bay!”
    4: “Kaboom: The Adventures of the Overachieving Chestburster”

  26. But alas, the Bloofing went too far…

  27. Bael:
    It was, after all, wafer thin.

    I love this one. I will be smiling all day.

  28. 1 – Beans, beans, the wonderful fruit. The more you eat, the more you… TOOT!
    2 – Because he just HAD to have that last bowl of chili…
    3 – Yet another example of why no one crosses the Russian Mafia.

    They’re not all that great, but I’m going to be lazy and not think too hard. After today’s math class, my head might go the way of that poor man’s stomach… 🙂

  29. Just got his butt kicked by a bunny

  30. A second too late, Satan notices the “holy” in the list of ingredients on his bottle of mineral water.

    We now return you to your scheduled program: Extreme Jazz Hands!




  34. Achmed, the early years.

  35. 1. His back to the wall, Pop-Rocks Man executes the final solution!
    2. And so young Bobby Batson learns what happens when trying to imitate Billy.
    3. Note to self – Don’t piss off Iceman.

  36. Avatar Gabe Puratekuta

    1: When Jimmy found out they were out of turkey…
    2: ….but he didn’t make it to the bathroom in time!
    3: “See,I told you I can swallow a grenade whole!”
    4: …and so, Mr. ‘Splosion Man is born!
    5: …and this is your body on cosmic rays
    6: Meanwhile, Superman’s loogie landed…

  37. … And bloof goes the dynomite.

  38. 1. Did i scare you!…. No?… Well that’s all I got.
    2. And that’s the last time poor Jim came home late with lipstick on his collar.

    Yea… that’s all i got haha


  39. The alien probe proved to have… complications.

  40. The evil stomach strikes again!

  41. And yet, his clothes were left unscaved.

  42. And that’s why taco night is not the right time for an eat-off.

  43. Unfortunately, the last bite was just one too many.

  44. …and that’s when Captain Gaseous decided to clear the room.

  45. …and he then proceeded to clear the room in record time.

  46. Avatar spidercow2012

    And then, after the GREENF…

  47. Avatar Dan Gonzalez

    The challenge of filming super-hero porn…

  48. Although he never got revenge, he did accomplish his life-long goal of hearing the sound of a squished human:

  49. 1. Meanwhile, back at the ranch … Vincent Price bloofs himself
    2. The Bronx project was dropped in favor of the Manhattan project.
    3. A hundred-fold more devastating than the pre-war Bliff cannon …

  50. 1.And BLOOF, the stain comes right out!
    2. You see John here didn’t listen to his doctor when he told him to switch to Acifex for chronic Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
    3. Rogue glowing block letters claim another victim. Call your local congressman today.

  51. 1) And so end the amazing adventures of Dr. Bloof!

  52. Avatar KingOnquez

    -Someone call a medic!
    -Wat happened here?
    -He ate an atomic wing and wouldn’t stop drinking water.. He must have drank at least five gallons straight!

  53. Avatar KingOnquez

    And after eating the hottest wings on the planet, Rob drank 5 gallons of water before he met his demise..

  54. 3. Without warning, Nightcrawler’s deadbeat dad appeared.


  56. 1. …he launches into an EXTREME HUG.

    2. He had eaten the wrong kind of pineapple.

  57. Avatar Bryce Wasley

    1. And that was when he realized his life went wrong.
    2. And that was when he regretted not going to college.

  58. 1. “Unfortunately, Jethro was the first to lose the “Master of his Domain” challenge…”

  59. Meanwhile at the suicide bomber training school…

  60. “Xenomorphs giving you gas? Try BLOOF! The new antacid tablet designed for the alien fetus growing in you!”

  61. Avatar Ploughed Jester

    …and that, fellow travelers, is why the Guide recommends NOT pushing the large red button. For you see, spontaneous combustion of the explosive variety is, in fact, quite improbable… though not nearly as improbable as the sound that occurred at that exact moment, which cannot be accurately represented by any onomatopoeic word of any language in the galaxy. Thus we shall have to settle for…

  62. 1. and thats wat happens wen trying to be the road runner

  63. 2. Ahmed tried to blow up Jeff

  64. 3. the outcome of dividing by zero

  65. Avatar Mad Doctor

    He was eating Mentos and Coca cola together.

  66. Avatar LoneWolf6155

    Combustion Man should not have had Taco Bell for lunch.

  67. 4. you shall not pass