Back when he was just "The Gosh-darned Batman"

(From "Target Comics" number 5, 1940.)

8 Responses to Back when he was just "The Gosh-darned Batman"

  1. What is that behind the Bat-Man? It looks like it might be giant strands of lasagna. Even if it’s not, I’m going to pretend it is.

  2. Bats are green now?

  3. So this is where Orlock’s been hiding?

    @Mcknight57: I think that’s supposed to be the bat-man’s wings. If so, however, they’re angled so strangely on his back that I fail to see how he’ll ever get airborne.

  4. Looks like an F-upped whatever kind of creature Yoda was, wearing a fur, old-timey bathingsuit and giant red banana peels sticking from his back.

    Those rectangular shaped word balloons with the barely noticeable, um “tails” I’m goin to say, made me think that they were both talking as narrators.

  5. Rejected Batman R.I.P. scene.

  6. Batman’s second cousin; Bat-man. He’s dyslectic and has a speech impediment. He works at a local barber shop and his life long dream is to become a hero like his distant relative; Batman. (and by distant, I mean galaxies away.) Keep trying, Bat-man. Keep trying.

  7. His real name, however, is Brutus Swine.

  8. Avatar spidercow2012

    As someone obliquely pointed out already, Spacehawk was a creation of the great Basil Wolverton, his only (I think) foray into comic adventure. Google him. He worked for MAD in its better days, and had a distinctive style. To say the least. Parents used to complain because his critters frightened their children.