Pip Quiz 7: Buckle Up Winners

We got 23 24 great entries for Pop Quiz 7, which challenged you to come up with an image that incorporated this randomly selected item:

And here they all are!

One of the standouts for me was alvacascus' big scary button, which is a brilliant idea and fantastic execution. The only drawback on that one was the way the reflection appears on the hand as well as on the glass, making me think somehow the hand was also trapped. But it's a great illustration, with a ton of creativity.

I also loved Atomic Punk's nifty buckle fish. That must have taken forever!

Cliff's environment knocked my socks off. I don't think it features the buckle quite enough, but the clouds, rain, gull, lighthouse, and other setting elements are stellar.

dblade's Brainspike freaked me the heck out. I hope this isn't what all those gorgeous glowing blue women he creates turn into eventually.

FRM's x-ray view is great! I love its simplicity and the centrality of the buckle. It's a wonderful illusion.

I have to give props to Keith Kanin for embracing the challenge by making a robot entirely from Belt items.

Kytana as always does a lovely job, with a convincing and compelling illustration. That's one very talented woman, folks!

Unfortunately, there can be only one curve-setting overall winner. And that person is ... FRM! Congratulations to him on his second Pop Quiz win. It was a tough choice, though, as you can see these are all really good.

Thanks for playing along, everyone!

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