Pop Quiz: Melee Weapon

Get ready for your pop quiz, kids! Your one-day quick-fire challenge is:

Make an awesome melee (hand to hand) weapon in HM3!

You can make an axe or a sword or a hammer or a chain or anything else that could be used in hand to hand combat. Be creative, mix several different pieces together, and come up with something neat and original.

You only get one entry -- that's right, just one! So make it your best.

Most of the other rules are the same as for a regular contest, but instead of a whole week I'll announce the winner either tonight or first thing in the morning.

  • All entries must be in JPG or PNG form (BMPs are too big), posted to a publicly accessible website (like ImageShack, PhotoBucket, the UGO Forums, whatever);
  • Entries must be made as a comment or comments to this post, containing a link directly to the image and the character name;
  • Please name your files as [your name]-[character name].[file extension]. So DiCicatriz, for instance, would save his "Bayou Belle" character image as DiCicatriz-BayouBelle.png.
  • Please make the link go directly to the image (like this) and not to a hosting jump page (like this). If you see "preview" or "rotate" somewhere in the link you're probably doing it wrong.

The winner will receive their choice of either one item or one portrait to be included in the final HeroMachine 3 release, or one Sketch of the Day style drawing where you pick the subject and I draw it how I like.

Good luck!

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47 Responses to Pop Quiz: Melee Weapon

  1. http://i1240.photobucket.com/albums/gg498/RoccoPio_Cuccurullo/THEFLASHBLADE.png the flash blade, a cursed weapon with the power to assorb her challengers

  2. Tarkabarka says:

    Roccopio the links not working.

    My work is a sword.

    The sword is my tribute for a great hungarian Roleplaying System.

    Ranagol is an evil god in that rpg. So that gives me the idea for make a badass blade.

    Eye of Ranagol


  3. http://i1240.photobucket.com/albums/gg498/RoccoPio_Cuccurullo/THEFLASHBLADE.png the flash blade, a cursed weapon with the power to assorb her challengers (sorry for the problems)

  4. Marquis Samedi says:

    ^ that’s the same link, and it’s still not working.

  5. Tarkabarka says:

    I think something not correct with the Photobucket. Try another picture host site or upload for facebook i not prefer to shown any contest picture in facebook, but there is a problem now.

  6. Logan says:

    http://i1240.photobucket.com/albums/gg498/RoccoPio_Cuccurullo/THEFLASHBLADE.pngthe flash blade, a cursed weapon with the power to assorb her challengers (sorry for the problems)

    I can see it just fine

  7. alvacascus says:

    First time, thanks to Jeff for finished my prize.. 🙂
    Second, my error issue seemed to dissappear when I tried my prize this morning.. Yay!
    Third and last, let’s join the pop quiz! So, ever played Guitar Hero game?
    This weapon will make you become The Real Guitar Hero!!

  8. Mr.MikeK says:

    Well, I might as well try. I don’t usually enter image contests since I’m not on par with the truly amazing artists here. But, for fun on a Saturday, here’s my impractical but moderately cool anime inspired weapon.


  9. Tuldabar says:

    This is a concept I’ve been brainstorming for years:http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm156/Tuldabar/Heros/MinotaursWeapon.png

    Mace on one end, Ax-Hammer on the other. This is the weapon favored by the Minotaurs.

  10. Jeffrey Johnson says:

    Sangor the Soul-Stealer, a weapon used by men over the eons who enjoyed killing.


  11. Quark says:

    The Fateful Recorder… believed to be an ornated flute-like instrument at first. Its sound is not for the weak of heart. Neither is the deadly energy it can blast. And you can smash your foes with it too!

  12. Logan says:

    The Dagger of the Dead! Fueled by the undying souls tortured in hell.


  13. Logan says:

    I wanted to make it without using any actual blades. I think it came out half decent.

  14. Keith_Kanin says:

    You may disqualify this since it was part of another contest entry, but I like it and wanted to share it anyway.
    I give you Tiamat’s Tongue. The scourge given to the high priestess of the order of Tiamat.


  15. Haxxx5 says:


    Demon Gate Blade
    The blade is a gate to hell, simple enough

  16. Skybandit says:

    The Sword of Uriel, who guards the gates of Eden.


  17. Gene says:

    The Feeder.


    A powerful blade, but if you cannot keep it fed, it will feed off of YOU.

  18. Virtue says:


    DevilStar, A state of the art power-assisted sword straight from the Japanese black market. So called because its powersource is housed in the hilt and when active glows a bright red. It can cut through steel with ease and its unique feature is the hilt itself can be seperated and its bladed guards can be used as hand weapons.

  19. ams says:

    Marquis Samedi:

    That is AWESOME, Marquis Samedi! You need to put up the text for those claws! Cheers!

  20. demonhunter says:


    Demon Sword

    A simple name. It’s a sword that has been possessed by a demon (if you play games like Warhammer, you will know what I’m going for). I think it looks a lot better when accompanied by its master (who is also possessed by the same demon), but for now all you get is the sword!

  21. dblade says:

    A cyberangelic weapon for good ole fashioned demon killin.

    Hellreaver: http://forums.ugo.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=82844&d=1334443170

  22. Myro says:

    The Doomhammer X9, for all your high-tech close quarter combat needs. With the patented feedback loop kinetic multiplier, a 90 lb girl can smash a hole through a 6 inch titanium reinforced security door in one blow. Now, think about what your security team can do with it.


  23. NHA247 says:

    This is my entry for this weeks contest.

    I call this the Futuristic Weapon Selector.

    It goes over your whole arm and there is a screen that shows up out of the arm that allows you to pick the perfect weapon for the job!



  24. TOOL says:

    Okay… I had several different ideas, but they just weren’t making it out of my brain onto the screen like I had wanted. I was thinking orignality, power, speed, and functionality. I was going to make a stun/electric glove/gauntlet but what if you touched yourself LOL, Had an idea for an axe pistol but had trouble with placement for fingers, wanted to do some sort of future short axe but yet again FAIL, almost went with a forearm strap blade but have done close to that idea on several characters already. So I threw up my arms and walked away, when I came back I just let my eyes and mouse scroll and before I knew it I was going kinda old school and making a nice claymore. I hope you all like, sometimes less is more but I tried to put a “TOOL” spin on things.


  25. SpellCheckingQuill says:

    Imperial ceremonial sword. Impressive, pretty, and color-coded for your convenience! …but not good for much more than to scratch up the backs of the wielder’s hands. That pointy crossguard is the bane of the corps’ existence.


  26. Cliff says:

    Giant Horseman’s Flail

    Weapons are not my specialty. So I tried to think outsied of the box …

    You’ve heard “Beating a dead horse” and “I’ll rip off your leg and beat you with it” and possibly even seen The Godfatehr? Well put them all together in a worn-out, post-dialysis mind with a Melee Weapn Contest looming … and this is what you get.


  27. Joel says:

    A unique weapon that is very difficult to master known as The Rising Sun. It get’s it’s name because it looks a golden sun, and the many blades look like the sun’s rays. the basic breakdown of the weapon is a shield, with many blades, which is attached to a chain that is attached to a gauntlet. the weapon can be used as a shield if you retract the chain and attach it to your arm, or can be used to cut down foes. If you are really skilled, you can even throw it, using the chain to guide so as to strike enemies at a distance.


  28. borntobealoser says:

    Here’s my entry.

    Fists of Submission:

    Originally one of a range of tools used by a crazed torturer in the dungeons of some unjust kingdom, this weapon has been stolen, found by, or passed down to many individuals, each using it with varying degrees of evil intent. The weapon itself has changed from a simple flail to an unholy artifact. A lot of people ask “where does the arm end, and the weapon start?”, which is funny, because at this point in time, it replaces all of the users arm, and will continue to grow each time it is weilded until it eventually becomes it’s own person.


  29. Nemitoed says:

    Here is my entry.

    The Tonbogiri is one of three legendary Japanese spears created by the famed swordsmith Masazane Fujiwara, said to be wielded by the daimyō Honda Tadakatsu. The spear derives its name from the myth that a dragonfly landed on its blade and was instantly cut in two. Thus Tonbo (Japanese for “dragonfly”) and giri (Japanese for “cutting”), translating this spear’s name as “Dragonfly Cutter/Cutting spear”.


  30. Jeff Hebert says:

    Ok folks, sorry for the delay, this has been a travel day for me. I have the entries downloaded and am going through them now, thanks for participating!