HM3: Rear foot

Tarkabarka's prize for winning Character Contest 75 is a rear-view foot, now live in "FootRight-Male-Standard":

Obviously, I've shown you the view of it superimposed on the regular foot so you can see how it's positioned by default.

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  1. cool food. One thing i wanna Ask. Did you take down the last boot you made or do I need to clear my cach cause it dissappered in the new updates.

  2. Aaaagh! I didn’t realize, that source Flash file was on my old computer, the one that got stolen. So when I got the backup from my desktop in Colorado, it didn’t have that update. Crap crap crap! And now that I foolishly overwrote the .swf on the server I can’t save the art from that file, either. Crappity crap!

    Unfortunately that means it’s gone for now and I’ll have to recreate it. So if you have a save file with that lost boot on it, from now on the backwards foot will replace it.

    Sorry about that folks. Theft is the gift that just keeps on giving πŸ™

  3. Was that my ole Mace Windu medieval looking boot? I can resend you the files if you like.

  4. Yes, that was the Mace Windu boots that got replaced.

    And good to hear from you, dblade!

  5. A little busy right now but I still check the blog every day. I sent the boots again just in case.

  6. So no editing comments anymore?

  7. dblade:
    So no editing comments anymore?

    The slideshow feature unfortunately made the comment editing feature useless. I think I was the first to figure that out, but I kinda liked the slideshow.

  8. Sorry for the late reply, but i’m out of computer the last few days.

    Awesome, thanks Jeff. Perfect.

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