Katniss vs Legolas

Two of the hottest archers in the history of film (and books!) square off in today's (well, Tuesday's, technically, but since I can't keep my days straight it's today) head-to-head "Versus".

Katniss Everdeen of "The Hunger Games" has smarts and guts in spades. She cares deeply about those around her and is willing to fight for her beliefs. Other people trust her and want to support her, especially when she's on fire. She's clearly an excellent archer with ample woodcraft. Also, her movie is currently out while Legolas', being more than a month old, has already been forgotten.

Legolas Greenleaf of "The Lord of the Rings", however, is an elf. He's thousands of years old, pale, lives in the perpetual gloom of a mighty forest, and ... wait, if this guy sparkles in sunlight I'm out of here. No? Phew! He's capable of astounding feats of agility, acrobatics, and courage. He can rapid-fire arrows while skateboarding on a shield and looking like solid hotness! He can scale and kill giant war-mammoths, he can use an arrow like a spear, and he has gloriously long blond hair. At the end of his story, unfortunately, he decides to give up on the planet and become a sailor. Or something, frankly the Silmarillion never made sense to me.

The point is, Legolas' elfin ass is going to bail on us, while good ol' human Katniss wants to save us all. For that alone, I go with Ms. Everdeen!

Make your case in the comments and cast your votes, folks!

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25 Responses to Katniss vs Legolas

  1. Dan says:

    Legolas is a pure badass. He’s presented in the movie as being cold at first, but extremely loyal to his friends. He makes amazing shots, saving everyone time and again, (unless it’s against the Olympic Torch Bearing Orc) and took out not only the cave troll, but single handedly brought down an Oliphaunt. He was essentially a one elf army.
    On the other hand Jennifer Lawrence is really, really hot. Katniss Wins.

  2. Wulf says:

    Legolas wins. He’s a Prince of Mirkwood, has better fashion sense, is badass at jumping on moving animals, and he can down at least twelve tankards of mead while feeling only a slight tingling in his fingers. Oh, and he was played by Orlando Bloom. And we mustn’t forget one of the best lines in the entire LotR trilogy: “THEY’RE TAKING THE HOBBITS TO ISENGARD!”

  3. Gene says:

    The answer you are looking for is ‘Crow’

    But in this case, if it was for just one battle, or short war, I’d go with Legolas – he’s a more seasoned warrior, and Katniss while skilled, was pretty gun shy in the movie.

    For a long term campaign, I think Katniss might have the potential to be a better leader. *shrug* But that’s based off of one movie, and I haven’t read the books.

    So yeah, I vote ‘Crow’ :p

  4. Frevoli says:

    One does not simply best an elf in archery.

    Sure: Robin Hood, William Tell, Hawkeye, Green Arrow would be a fair challenge – but Hunger Games Person? Please

  5. Jessica says:

    Gotta go with Katniss just cuz she’s female and kicks ass. I’m a big proponent of girls who kick ass. Need I say more?

  6. Patriot_Missile says:

    I voted for Katniss because she wouldn’t bail on us feelthy hyoominz. Legolas has the experience, but he’s tired of teaching archery to the doofi who argue WB’s Daffy Duck as Robbing Hood versus Disney’s fox Robin Hood. Yay!

  7. Myro says:

    From what I seem to have read (although not the Hunger Games itself), Katniss might be some kind of archery prodigy, but she was not perfect. And I don’t see how a 17 year old can compete in archery against a near immortal who has probably been pulling a bowstring at least 20 times longer than she’s been alive. Legolas’ combat feats have been legendary, Katniss Everdeen’s have been merely “impressive.”
    No, sorry, Legolas has this one in the bag.

  8. Kytana says:

    Come on, a over five hundred year old elf against a sixteen old (human-)teenager wannabe fighter? This is a joke.
    Vote for the gay elves… eh ok maybe not all elves gay…but many…

  9. Arioch says:

    As much as I want to have legolas (especially the movie version) rot somewhere, in a fight, well, he wins, especially since he’s got the “I can do any stupid move and it’ll be devastatingly effective” power.

  10. DiCicatriz says:

    Having just finished the Hunger Games trilogy I give this to Katniss. Why? Because the soul crushing realities of war presented in these books would simply rob Legolas of his will to live and he would ‘move on’ as grieving Elves are wont to do and just die. Seriously. That last book leaves you hollow. Hollow I tell you!

  11. Jeff Hebert says:

    I just started the trilogy today, DiCicatriz. Good to know I need some soul-filler along the way!

  12. Joel says:

    I say Legolas, manly because this the “who would win in a fight” question, and I believe (though I have almost no knowledge of The Hunger Games) that he has the superior fighting skills.

  13. Lordgrimm01 says:

    Legolas is a pure badass. Heโ€™s presented in the movie as being cold at first, but extremely loyal to his friends. He makes amazing shots, saving everyone time and again, (unless itโ€™s against the Olympic Torch Bearing Orc) and took out not only the cave troll, but single handedly brought down an Oliphaunt. He was essentially a one elf army.
    On the other hand Jennifer Lawrence is really, really hot. Katniss Wins.

    Totally agree about Jennifer Lawrence/Katniss

  14. The Imp says:

    Where’s the ‘No matter who wins we all lose’ option?

  15. spidercow2012 says:

    Why didn’t the movie just go ahead and call her Hotniss?
    But, yeah, the elf wins.
    And actually, a special win to the writer who comes up with a reason for them to fight.

  16. Frotality says:

    well one must consider the fact their cinematic portrayals give a considerable bias. lord of the rings action scenes were directed to be epic, fantastical wars where legolas reduces everyone else to a joke with how efficiently and effectively he murders orcs. contrast the hunger games, whose action scenes were directed to give you motion sickness as a bunch of pubescent losers sissy fight each other.

    obviously legolas would make a pincushion out of katniss, but thats because he was written/directed for an epic adventure, not a satire of reality TV. putting things into context, katniss would make a better leader, which can accomplish more than any foot soldier, even if he does kill oliphaunts. so katniss, because in the end legolas just made us look like crap then left. typical elf…

  17. ams says:

    Toss up! Like both characters to much to pick winner.

    @ Jeff – First 7 chapters are slow, but couldn’t put it down after that. Great book! Reading the second…..

  18. Hyperanthropos says:

    Nothing against Katniss, but I am firmly on Legolas side. Katniss is a loveable character, who wins a terrible game and becomes a thorn in the side of a tyrannical regime. However, Legolas surpasses her by far in skills, and he has fought in several epic battles and helped to save Middle-Earth from Sauron’s armies.

  19. Herr D says:

    Situ: shapeshifter like Loki appears 1st to L, saying the truth. “L, there’s a human in woods. She fights for her clan & their right to not go hungry. Don’t let her find you; she might kill you.” Then to her: “Hard for you to believe, but there’s a THING in woods that looks like handsome man but IS NOT HUMAN. If you see him, note his pointed ears, amaz. archery skill, & he can walk on snow without sinking in. If you kill him in his sleep, you will survive. You can’t fight him and win.” She kills him in sleep or he runs off.

  20. Kaylin88100 says:

    Sitting on the fence on this one, cause I love both of them ๐Ÿ˜›

  21. Noah Midgette says:

    Legolas would win because he is a warrior. Elves cannot simply die ,he could draw out the battle until she got tired, if she was a better archer and warrior. Someone said that he would get depressed if he were in her position. His WORLD was being taken over by ugly and wild monters and he didn’t give up . And he’s tougher and has more experience.

  22. Kevin Veliz says:

    Obviously Katniss would win. She is hot and has a great rack>>just saying

  23. Abraxas says:

    Let’s list their attributes based on the movies.

    Katniss: Life experience of a teenager, hunting, one battle.
    Legolas: Life experience in the hundreds to thousands of years, unknown number of battles but at least 3 major ones.
    Edge: Legolas

    Archery Skill:
    Katniss: Demonstrated to be able to fire a single arrow into a stationary target or a hostile charging straight at her with reasonable accuracy most of the time. Bow draw strength can be easily pulled by a teenager.
    Legolas: Can fire rounds repeatedly at separate targets at a variety of ranges with unerring accuracy, and can do so when sliding down a flight of stairs or on the back of an animal. Bow draw can drive two arrows fired simultaneously through the hide and skull of a thirty foot tall elephant.
    Edge: Legolas

    Close Combat Skills:
    Katniss: Minimal training, no demonstrated proficiency.
    Legolas: Seen dual wielding swords with great proficiency.
    Edge: Legolas

    Defensive Skills:
    Katniss: Climbs trees.
    Legolas: Dodges arrows fired from only a few feet, high combat agility, able to easily maneuver to opponents blind spots, in all probability has the natural stealth abilities seen by other Mirkwood elves, etc.
    Edge: Legolas

    Natural Abilities:
    Katniss: Acute by human standards.
    Legolas: Superhuman.
    Edge: Legolas

    Willingness to kill:
    Katniss: Constant hesitation and self doubt, avoids where possible.
    Legolas: Kills dozens without a second thought and without remorse.
    Edge: Legolas

    Tactical Thinking:
    Katniss: Capable of insightful an intelligent plans, though largely reliant upon others for insight.
    Legolas: Capable of making informed, on the spot decisions based on changing battlefield conditions to turn a battle in his favor.
    Edge: Legolas

    Legolas holds a decided advantage in every single battlefield metric one can apply, as one is prone to do when being conceived of as a superhuman character in an epic fantasy adventure. Katniss is skilled for a teenager operating in a semi-realistic environment, which means she is too constrained by the genre she finds herself in to compete against characters of legendary status from a universe that attempts to offer the most spectacular fighting CGI can offer, realism optional.

  24. Herr D says:

    Abraxas! point by point! you should do more of these. The only question is whether Legolas’ conscience would keep him from more but self-defense.

  25. Legolas has got this one wrapped up and totally under control. Elf vs Human…really? Elves are naturally far more graceful and skilled than a human, even one like Katniss. Legolas also has years and years of archery practice compared to Katniss, making him a considerably better archer.